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Dale McBride

Coordinating Instructor: Graphic Design

Bachelor’s Degree, University of New Brunswick
Diploma in Fine Craft: Photography – NBCCD

“I don’t believe in dictating to students. My job is not to mold the student into what I think they should be. My job is to help facilitate that discovery, not force it or steer it.”

Dale McBride is the Coordinating Instructor for Graphic Design, a department he has taught in for 30 years.

Dale was present for the initial development of the Graphic Design program, and has been instrumental in making the curriculum what it is today. He is currently working on his Master’s in Education from University of New Brunswick.  Prior to becoming a full-time instructor, Dale was the graphic designer for Irving.

Building on the visual problem-solving and design knowledge that he gained at NBCCD, he self-taught the tools of graphic design in an effort to improve the offerings of his product photography company, Paradigm Studios. He has worked on numerous design and photography projects including annual reports and photo essays, such as a quality assurance photoshoot during the building of frigates.

Dale’s Superpower: He can keep a straight face in almost any situation. It is worth noting that he is happier than he looks.  


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