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Dan Robichaud

Instructor: Aboriginal Visual Arts (AVA)

Bachelor of Education – University of New Brunswick

“I would be more likely to show a student my work and ask them to critique it and look for my mistakes than I would be to look for their mistakes. I believe that people are very, very curious and if you allow them to pursue their curiosities and answer the questions they have, you’ll get far more learning done than if you try to force-feed them something.”

Dan Robichaud is the Coordinating Instructor for Aboriginal Visual Arts. He brings to the position years of experience in the field of Aboriginal recruitment and retention, from his former capacity as the Aboriginal Student Services Officer at St Thomas University.

In his past position as Aboriginal Liaison at Federal Corrections, Dan was responsible for making changes to the way that Aboriginal inmates experienced parole hearings. They are now held in a circle with Elders present and they are permitted to wear traditional regalia. This change has been embraced country-wide.

He was responsible for creating the Workplace Essential Skills Contract, and improving the ergonomics of education for Aboriginal youth by creating a clear path for transition into university education at St Thomas.

Dan is a well-known blues harmonica player who finds himself within the upper circle of the traditional blues world. A highlight of his career was being asked to accept an award on behalf of his musical mentor, Rick Jeffrey, and to play his part in the performance.

A fun fact about Dan: He has been a musician at the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival since year two.

Gallery Section:
Dan’s visual arts practice focuses primarily on carving masks in wood. He values the process over the outcome, and the therapeutic quality of getting lost in the work.  He is inspired by the work of his mentor, Ned Bear.  Dan is also known to create bizarre and functional homemade instruments.

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