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We understand how hard it can be to navigate becoming a new student! If you have any questions that aren’t available below, please reach out to nbccdrecruiting@gnb.ca.

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  • What do I do if I can't pay my tuition and fees by the deadline date?

    If you have a student loan, RESP, sponsorship, bursary or scholarship in progress, provide the Registrar with documentation showing intent to pay and a note will be attached to your student record.

    If you are funding your tuition/fees on your own, in extenuating circumstances, students may make payment arrangements by contacting the Registrar’s Office at NBCCDRegistrar@gnb.ca.

  • What are the methods of payment?

    Payments can be made online at the following: www.bit.ly/nbccdpayments

    Payments may also be made at any Service New Brunswick Service Centre, locations found here: www.bit.ly/snblocations.

    A Tuition & Fees Invoice is required for payment at the Service Centre. This can be found in NetClassroom (Billing tab). Make cheques/money orders payable to the Minister of Finance.

  • How long does it take to process my student loan? When should I follow up if I haven’t received my money?

    It can take up to six weeks for a student loan to be processed.  If you have not received a Notice of Assessment during that time, contact National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) at 1 888 815-4514 (within North America) to determine the cause for the delay.

  • How do I submit a request for a confirmation of enrolment letter for purposes other than for a student loan?

    You can request a confirmation of enrolment online HERE.

  • When should I register for my NSLSC account?

    If you are a first time borrower, you will need your student loan number which will be on your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA).  If you have had a loan previously, you can find your loan number on your Notice of Assessment.

  • How do I submit a student loan request for confirmation of enrolment?
  • Who do I contact to complete a Request for Program Information form from Student Financial Services (SFS)?


  • What happens if I have to reduce my course load? Will it affect my student loan?

    If you are a full-time student, you must maintain a 60% course load or a 40% course load if you are a student with a documented disability.  If you reduce your course load further, the college will advise NSLSC and Student Financial Services and you will need to apply for a part-time student loan.

  • Who should I see if I require accommodations during the academic year?
  • What is the process for changing programs after application?

    If there is space, a program change can be made anytime following program application up to the deadline for admissions, which is generally the second Friday after the beginning of classes.  The exact date can be found on the NBCCD website under Key Dates.

  • What is the process for changing a course(s)?

    You need to bring this to the attention of your Advisor and they will complete the appropriate documentation to submit the request to the Registrar.

  • When can I withdraw from a program without penalty?

    You must inform your Advisor/Instructor by the deadline date found on the NBCCD website under Key Dates, and they will submit the appropriate documentation to the Registrar.

  • How do I request an official transcript?

    Current and former students can place orders and make payment for official transcripts by completing the online Transcript Request form.  The $10 fee is waived for students who are currently enrolled.

  • What is the BAA Program?

    The Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) is a 4-year degree, where you complete 2 years at UNB and 2 years at NBCCD. You are able to start the BAA at any institution, allowing for 2 years of continuous education from one institution, or you can alternate from University to College or vice versa each year.  CLICK HERE for more information.

    UNB Bachelor of Applied Arts Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is the expectation if I am going to be late or unable to attend class?

    Notify your instructor in advance of a planned absence, unplanned absence and if you need to leave the class early.  Advise them upon your return.

  • What are the consequences of missed class time?

    Depending on the duration of missed class time, students may struggle to catch up, have missed or late assignments, need to be placed on suspension, probation, academic leave and may have their program certification delayed.

  • How do I find out about school closures?

    In the case of severe weather conditions, the Director or designate will determine when the College is closed. Announcements will be made by 7am on the nbccd.ca homepage, the NBCCD Student Life Facebook page, and via email. Please note that the closing of public schools or universities does not imply that the College is closed.

Diploma Program Applications

  • How soon can I apply for a Diploma program?

    FVA students should apply before December 31st end of fall term to increase their likelihood of fall acceptance in the upcoming academic year.


  • What do I do if I am having difficulties with my Landlord?
  • Where can I purchase student bus passes and/or parking passes?

    While you will have free transit via your student ID, you can purchase bus passes at City Hall: 397 Queen Street, Fredericton NB.

    Click this link for information about digital transit payments, https://youtu.be/qc4M57k_AIQ.

    Email or call Fredericton Transit at transit@fredericton.ca, 505-460-2200.

  • What do I do if I am experiencing unacceptable behavior by another student?

    You should speak to your Advisor who will address the issue accordingly.

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