Have you ever wanted to break free from your everyday life? Do you dream of engaging with creative and likeminded individuals in an open and friendly environment? Well, here at NBCCD, we take your ‘free’ time extremely seriously. Each and every day we inspire, motivate, challenge and teach our students everything they need to know about the art of Fine Craft and Design. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes, knowledgeable instructors and the close-knit community we’ve been fostering here for over 75 years! This Fall, take a ‘Leap’ with NBCCD and begin your career as a leisure student, part-time student, or even go all the way and enrol full time. If it’s art for Leisure you crave, or something more permanent, we can make it happen. Seven week class and weekend workshops run October 10th through November 24th

LEAP courses offer individuals and groups the chance to partake in a diverse range of artistic mediums and experiences. All of our course offerings spotlight hands-on learning with the opportunity for self-expression and individuality. Your interest and enthusiasm are all that is required!

All LEAP instructors are talented artists, who want to share their knowledge and expertise with you! Each course has been specially designed to encourage your creative thinking and to help you put those thoughts into artistic practice. You will love the imaginative and unique environment the College offers. Classes are small, interactive and incredibly social.

Stay tuned for our Fall 2017/2018 course offerings, which runs from October 10th through November 24th.

Call to Register: (506) 453-2566

Interested in finding out more?
Contact: Marcus Kingston, LEAP Coordinator, (506) 440-4263, marcus.kingston@gnb.ca




“My instructor was very knowledgeable, always ready to help when needed and answer any questions myself or my fellow students needed” – Introductory Ceramics with Jessica Kelly

 “Thank you Anna for such a wonderful experience, I learned so much!” – Wet Felting with Anna Mathis

 “Your classes opened the door… to the wonderful world that is NBCCD…Thank you” – You Can Draw Anything with Marcus Kingston

 “The school was welcoming and inviting. I was scared to go to art school as a young adult, but NBCCD has opened my eyes to a future life in the arts, Thank you!” – Mixed Media Exploration with Ron Leger

PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR FALL 2017/2018 COURSE OFFERINGS. Look below to see the types of courses you may see in the upcoming LEAP schedule. 

Winter 2016/2017 course offerings:

Introductory Ceramics | Chris Colwell | 8 Seats (FULL)
Tuesdays 6-9
Starts Tuesday February 7th

Do you have prior ceramics experience? This class enables you to expand your knowledge in pottery and practice new ceramic techniques. Focus will be placed on increasing wheel throwing and trimming methods and may also include decorating skills. You will learn to attach and build by hand in a way that is enjoyable and fun. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to work with local artist Chris Colwell and nurture your inner potter.

MATERIAL COST: $40 (approximate price per box of clay– 1-2 boxes may be necessary)

Introductory Ceramics | Jessica Kelly (FULL)
Wednesdays 6-9
Starts Wednesday February 8th

Do you have little to no experience in pottery? Do you want to learn the basics in an enriching and stimulating environment? Then you need to sign up with the wonderful Jessica Kelly! Beginner throwing techniques, centering and trimming will be covered while working hands on with a genuine potter’s wheel. This timeless craft will be discussed in an intimate and small class situation where imagination abounds. Jessica will even show you how to decorate your finished pieces, making them unique and truly yours. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

MATERIAL COST: $60 (2 boxes of clay – an old apron, towel and intro pottery kit

Intermediate Ceramics – Introduction to Crystalline Glazes | Leigh Merritt | 6 seats (FULL)
Thursdays 6-9
Starts Thursday February 9th

Artisan Leigh Merritt believes the crystalline glaze process is unlike any other. It’s both challenging and beautiful, resulting in breathtaking pieces that will ignite creativity in any individual. This intimate and hands-on class will teach students about the ins and outs of crystalline glazes, making pots and catchers on the wheel and how to attach catchers. If you’re someone with previous pottery experience then this exclusive class is for you!

MATERIAL COST: $40 (approximate price per box of clay)

Introduction to Virtual Reality | Alan Edwards and Todd Delong | 12 seats
Tuesdays 6-9

Are you someone who loves technology? Do you enjoy playing video games and being immersed in other realities? Well, why not explore the exciting new world of Virtual Reality and create your own virtual environment. You will be able to explore it in full VR! Experience a variety of applications available for VR using the latest hardware. Test and explore commercial products with the assistance of NBCCD Digital Media instructor Alan Edwards, and talented animator Todd Delong.

MATERIAL COST: No Materials Necessary

You Can Draw Anything II – Beginner to Intermediate | Marcus Kingston | 14 seats (FULL)
Thursdays 6-9

This continuation of “You Can Draw Anything” will aid further in making you a more confident and knowledgeable artist. Drawing from life and drawing from source imagery will be looked at with focus placed on linear/intuitive/atmospheric perspective, value, shading of complex objects, portraiture, landscapes, still life and drawing from your imagination. Vivid colors, textures, washes and inks will also be worked into various pieces. Are you an intermediate drawer yet you want to learn more difficult techniques? Then we want you! Don’t miss out on this popular course with enthusiastic artist Marcus Kingston.

MATERIAL COST: $20-$25 – Depending on the variety of papers and mediums used.

The Lost Art of Calligraphy and Penmanship | Marcus Kingston | 12 seats (FULL)
Saturday February 25th 9-4

In today’s world of text messages, emails and high speed, wouldn’t it be great to ‘slow down’? In this all new workshop, artist Marcus Kingston will transport you back in time to an age when pen met paper daily and the art of penmanship was as important as how to tie your own shoes. In this one-day workshop you will explore the art of calligraphy and penmanship while using professional grade nibs, pens, inks and paper. Have you ever wanted to know the history and techniques behind some of the most beautiful scripts in the world? Are you curious how to make your words and letters show emotion and thought? Then sign up today! No experience necessary, however a general knowledge of cursive writing is recommended.

MATERIAL COST: $10 – (Made payable the day of the workshop)

Intermediate Jewellery | Kristianne LeBreton | 8 seats (FULL)
Thursdays 6-9

Have you dreamed of working in a genuine jewellers studio? Have you always wanted to work hands on with other creative individuals and instructors? Then you need to quickly sign up for this amazing seven-week experience with the fabulous Kristianne LeBreton. Students will learn the technique of stone setting. Students will learn how to build either a beautiful ring or unique pendant with a stone setting. Techniques such as shaping, measuring, soldering and cleaning will also be taught in this fantastic course.

MATERIAL COST: $50-$100 (approximate cost for basic materials– additional materials may be needed based on what students decide to create)

Make Your Own Dress Form | Sarah MacIntyre | 6 seats
Saturday February 25th 9-4

Have you ever wished you had a twin? Someone who could stand still for you while you fit that dress or hem that skirt? Well you need to take this one-day workshop with sewing queen Sarah MacIntyre. Use brown paper tape to make your own dress form, as you learn techniques and tips. Please come to class wearing appropriate under garments and have a tight fitting tee shirt with sleeves that you won’t mind cutting apart. In no time at all a personalized dress form will be sitting in front of you!

MATERIAL COST: $10 – (In addition, please bring a roll of painters tape, a tight fitting T-shirt that can be cut and scissors – The rest will be provided)

Sew Much Fun! | Sarah MacIntyre | 8 seats
Tuesdays 6-9

Do you want to create your own unique look? This seven-week class teaches the basics of sewing while you create interesting and inspiring projects. Sarah MacIntyre shows you the fundamentals of operating a sewing machine and the knowledge to go home and use your own with confidence. You won’t want to miss out on this unique class being held in NBCCD’s infamous fashion studio. So thread up some needles, get those scissors sharpened and make this winter your most fashionable yet!


Elements of Art | Jared Betts | 8 seats
Wednesdays 6-9

Did you know that all artists have the same elements of art with which to work? Those elements are line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. Therefore, each piece of art in the world is done with one or more of these seven elements. New Brunswick artist Jared Betts references these ideas in his own practice, and wants to impart his knowledge on you!

In this practical course you will separate the elements of art to study them, to see how they look and how they can be used in making art. Often these components are combined when they are used in painting, sculpture, or other forms of creative work. Each week will focus on a different element of art, breaking it down into understandable and useful terms. If you’ve ever wanted to know the makings of great pieces of work, then this class is just for you!

MATERIAL COST: $50-$100 (Depending on the type of supplies purchased) Students will need: 2 Pencils, A Variety of Erasers, Sharpener, Watercolour kit or Pencil Crayons, Scissors, Watercolour Pad and Sketchbook)

Traditional Aboriginal Woodcarving | Dan Robichaud | 7 seats (FULL)
Please Note: This class will have 14 sessions to accommodate the amount of time needed to complete your studio project

There is nothing like the sound of a sharp chisel cutting into a fresh piece of Atlantic hardwood. Nor is there anything like the smell of fresh wood chips scattered beneath your feet. If this is making you want to try woodcarving then we have the class for you! NBCCD instructor Dan Robichaud will teach you the skills needed to carve your very own facemask. Guided supervision and support will help you understand the tools and different types of wood being used. For centuries people around the world have been fascinated with how a raw piece of wood can be transformed into something imaginative and beautiful. You won’t want to miss out on this class!

MATERIAL COST: $50-60 (depending on the size and amount of wood used)

Stacking Ring Workshop | Audrée H-St-Amour | 8 seats (FULL)
Saturday February 25th 9-4

In this unique one-day workshop, you will learn how to make stacking rings from sterling silver wire. Those rings can be worn together, as a set, or alone. You will learn to texture metal, to solder and to properly finish you piece of jewellery. A minimum of four narrow rings will be made by each student and will surely add a touch of sparkle to anyone who wears them. This course is geared to a beginner level artist; so don’t be afraid to sign up!

MATERIAL COST: $15-$40 (Depending on size and design of individual projects)

Bracelet Workshop | Audrée H-St-Amour | 8 seats
Saturday March 4th 9-4

In this class, students will create a bracelet using jump rings connecting one after another. You will learn how to make a jump ring, by learning how to cut, and how to assemble this unique chainmail bracelet. Your project uses minimal tools and equipment, does not require soldering and can easily be reproduced at home! If you want to get a taste of a genuine jewellery studio but can only commit to a small amount of time then you need to sign up for this course fast!

MATERIAL COST: $30-$60 (Depending on size and design of individual projects)

The Wonderful World of Water Colours Workshop | Jane Geurts | 12 seats
Saturday February 25th and 26th 9-4

Watercolour is a graceful and translucent medium. Light emanates from underneath the paints surface, which connects the viewer to the multiple layers of connected colours. This two-day workshop will teach fundamental principles that relate to great designs and compositions, as well as techniques specific to watercolour. A focus will be placed on intuitive and spontaneous mark making. Students will have the opportunity to put these principles and skills into practice. This class is perfect for any creative beginner or for those with a slightly higher skill level. Basic to intermediate drawing skills are an asset.

MATERIAL COST: $30 (Approximate price of a kit) or you may bring your own watercolour supplies.

Take a LEAP and Register Today! Call (506) 453-2566 or toll free at 1-877-400-1107 Or pop into The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, 457 Queen Street, 2nd Floor Administration Office.

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