warm welcome

Inclusive Community

NBCCD is an art school haven

At NBCCD, we celebrate our differences, because they help us to create unique and innovative work. It’s no coincidence that so many students find a place to belong in this inclusive and judgement-free community. We pride ourselves on our inclusive classes, campus, and community.

we're here to support youinternational students

At NBCCD, we recognize that making the decision to study abroad can be overwhelming. The Student Life Coordinator organizes events throughout the year to help you become part of our community.

you're not aloneadult learners

You are never too old to pursue the career you’ve always wanted, and you are creative enough to be here. You are in good company too – adult learners 21 years and up make up at least 50% of the College population.

celebrateIndigenous cultures

Your student experience will reflect your reality and your culture through relationships with Indigenous communities, Elders and Indigenous community groups such as Mawi’art Collective. We have an Elder-in-Residence that is here to guide you, whether you're a part of the Wabanaki Visual Arts program or an Indigenous student studying in another program.

celebrate pride with us2SLGBTQIA+

NBCCD is a safe place for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, sexual orientation or identity. We create opportunities for you to discuss issues safely and openly on campus, and we can direct you to active support groups within the community.

we want you to succeeddisability & accessibility

With the support of our on-site Learning Strategist, the College makes every effort to provide equal and timely access to programs, facilities and accommodation services.

peace of mindmental health

NBCCD’s College Counsellor is our onsite resource in matters of mental health and wellness. Our counsellor acts as an initial, more immediate support to students in need, before offering appropriate referral to services available in the community.