3D Digital Design

3D Digital Design

DIPLOMA | 2 Years | 6 Semesters


In 3D Digital Design, you will:

  • Dive into the world of drawing, modelling and texturing, world building, character design and animation, 3D printing, and more.
  • Design and animate three-dimensional objects and environments using digital technology.
  • Design for digital media, such as virtual reality, movies, video games, and training simulations in addition to developing out-of-the-box creative thinking.
  • Engage in experimentation and creative problem solving through applied research, critical discourse, and self-reflection.
  • Learn about written and visual communications for artists, entrepreneurs, drawing, and 2D/3D design.
  • Explore the rapidly changing industry of 3D Digital Design with our team of collaborative instructors and participate in cross-studio projects and off-campus internships.
  • Create a portfolio that celebrates the power of your imagination and can be used to launch your career.


Beyond The Flat, March 2024

George Fry Gallery Starts 2022 With DEBACLE, January 2022


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  • Curriculum Standard

    3D Digital Design 2024-2026 Curriculum Standard

    The Curriculum Standard is an introduction to the program which includes the program’s critical performance, a program description, program learning outcomes, and the program’s potential career opportunities. This is followed by information on duration, credits, admission requirements, advanced placement, certification, articulations, and prior learning assessment and recognition.

    This document also contains a program delivery sequence and the course profiles with specific course learning outcomes and grading basis.

    In addition, the Curriculum Standard is used as a tool for revision and evaluation of the program and for the promotion of transfer agreements with other post-secondary institutions.

  • Areas of Study
    • 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Animation
    • Character Design, Rigging, and Animation
    • Digital Sculpting
    • Design for 3D Printing
    • World Building
    • Visual Storytelling
    • Drawing
    • Self-promotion and Marketing
  • Tech Requirements


    Students will be required to purchase:

    • A good USB 3 external hard drive to back-up their work (at least 4 TB recommended)
    • Several USB 3 memory sticks (16G or larger) for copying and moving files
    • Earphones (over-ear recommended)


    Software is provided in the computer labs, but students may wish to purchase their own software to work at home.

  • Career Possibilities
    • 3D Generalist / Modeller
    • 3D Texture Artist
    • 3D Animator / Rigger
    • Character Designer
    • Level Designer / Editor
    • Environment Artist
    • Illustrator / Concept Artist
    • Freelance Designer and Consultant / Entrepreneur
  • Course List

    Fall 1

    DIGD 2000
    Modelling and Texturing I 

    DIGD 2001
    Visual Storytelling

    DIGD 2005
    Directions in 3D

    DIGD 2003
    Digital Imaging 

    DRAW 2905
    Constructive Drawing I 

    Winter  1

    DIGD 2010
    Modelling and Texturing II 

    DIGD 2009
    World Building

    ENTR 2012
    Business Practices and Marketing 

    DRAW 2911
    Life Drawing for 3D Digital Design

    Spring 1

    DRAW 2912
    Constructive Drawing II

    DIGD 2013
    Character Design and Modeling

    Fall  2

    DIGD 3000
    Modelling and Texturing III

    DIGD 3035
    Character Rigging and Animation

    DIGD 3004

    DIGD 3030
    3D Print: Production

    Winter  2

    DIDG 3003
    Modeling and Texturing IV

    DIDG 3002
    Advanced Animation

    ENTR 3913
    Preparing for a Career in 3D Digital Design 

    DIGD 3034
    3D Print: Finishing

    Spring 2 [1 elective*]

    *INST 3902
    Senior Practicum

    *INST 3910
    Senior Project: 3D Digital Design

  • Admission Requirements
    • $50 Application Fee (1)
    • An official Transcript of Marks indicating 1 of the following:
      • Certificate in Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) from NBCCD (Good Standing)
      • 1-year of post-secondary education*
      • Equivalent experience will be considered* (2)

    *A portfolio is required and after reviewed, may lead to a personal interview (3)

    (1) The $50 application fee is in Canadian dollars, applies to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents and is non-refundable and subject to change without notice. International applicants pay a $100 Canadian application fee. See International Students for more information.

    (2) Equivalencies to all academic admission requirements are evaluated through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). If you are 21 years of age or older, you may be assessed as an Adult Learner.

    (3) Most students begin their studies at the College by taking our Foundation Visual Arts certificate program. If you already have a certificate in visual arts, have previous post-secondary experience or in the visual arts, you might be eligible for direct entry into this diploma program. Once you have submitted the requirements for direct entry, the College may contact you for an interview to have an opportunity to discuss your educational goals.

  • Portfolio Requirements

    Foundation Visual Arts:

    Please note that it this program traditionally starts with the one-year Foundation Visual Arts Program as a prerequisite.


    To ensure that you are well-prepared to bypass the Foundation Visual Arts Program (FVA) and enter directly into an NBCCD Diploma Program, we need to assess your abilities and knowledge of the foundations of visual art. Please read Direct Entry Requirements for full instructions.

  • Apply Now

    Please note that NBCCD students’ journeys traditionally starts with the one-year Foundation Visual Arts Program as a prerequisite.

    Apply here.

    Go to the Admission Requirements to learn more. This page will also provide more details and info on where to mail your transcript of marks, cash, cheques and/or money order.

    Deadline to apply: January 15

A student works in the 3D Digital Design Studio at NBCCD. They have several desk ornaments and are modelling a 3D character on the computer.

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