Bachelor of Applied Arts

This articulated degree between NBCCD and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) offers a combination of academic study and hands-on training. It is a 4-year degree completed through 2 years of study at UNB and 2 years at NBCCD, in any order you choose.

Most students who enrol in the BAA program also graduate with a 1-year Certificate in Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) from NBCCD. Some go on to complete a Diploma program by adding one additional year to the 4-year BAA program. This qualifies a student to graduate with a Foundation Visual Arts Certificate, a Studio Diploma from NBCCD, and a BAA degree from UNB in only 5 years.

The Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) is a 4-year degree, where you complete 2 years at UNB and 2 years at NBCCD. You are able to start the BAA at any institution, allowing for 2 years of continuous education from one institution, or you can alternate from University to College or vice versa each year.

Most students who enrol in the BAA program also graduate with a 1-year Certificate in Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) from NBCCD. Some even go on to complete a Diploma program, where you add one additional year to your 4-year BAA program – qualifying you to have a 1-year Certificate and a 2-year Diploma from NBCCD and a 4-year BAA degree from UNB in 5 years.

  • Areas of Study at the College
    • Drawing
    • Design
    • Art History
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Creative Processes
    • Indigenous Visual Arts (IVA)
    • Ceramics
    • Digital Media
    • Graphic Design
    • Fashion Design
    • Jewellery Metal/Arts
    • Photography
    • Textile Design
  • Admission Requirements

    You must apply directly to UNB as they process applications for the BAA program. BAA students pay the tuition and fees for the institution they are attending that year, either NBCCD or UNB.

  • Interested in finding out more?


    New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD)
    The Registrar’s Office
    PO Box 6000
    457 Queen Street
    Fredericton, NB, E3B 5H1

    Toll free: 1-877-400-1107


    University of New Brunswick (UNB)
    Dean of Arts
    PO Box 4400
    Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3
    Linda McNutt

    (506) 453-4655

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