NBCCD students stand and chat near the Barracks on the Fredericton campus.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office provides a wide range of academic services to students. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 1-877-400-1107 or by email at NBCCDRegistrar@gnb.ca.

  • Transcripts

    Official Transcript

    An official transcript of marks is noted as such and bears the signature of the Registrar. The fee for an official transcript (waived for current students) is $10 (CAD). Transcripts can be sent upon request to other institutions on behalf of students or alumni applying elsewhere.

    Request your transcript

    Unofficial Transcript

    An unofficial transcript of marks is not signed. It is provided to students upon request from the Registrar’s Office. 

  • Academic Honours

    Students who complete their program of study with a GPA of 4.0 or higher will receive the distinction of academic honours. 

  • Certificate Replacement

    For information regarding replacement of certificates, please contact the Registrar’s Office at NBCCDRegistrar@ gnb.ca. There is a replacement fee of $20 (CAD). 

  • Request for Confirmation of Enrolment Letter

    Confirmation of enrolment letters are often required for student loan funding or RESP withdrawals. These can be prepared after course registration takes place; to place a request please submit the online form. 

    Confirmation of Enrolment form


  • Student Records

    All information associated with student records is treated as confidential. Student information will only be released: 

    • Directly to the student 
    • With written authorization from the student 
    • In response to a legal requirement 
    • For statistical analysis to government agencies regarding Post-Secondary Education. 


  • Academic Success

    Attendance and Participation

    Attendance and participation are required components of all NBCCD programs. Contact your instructor in advance of any absence, and your academic advisor in the case of extended absences. Consideration for absenteeism will be on a caseby-case basis, and students may be required to present relevant documentation to their instructor and/or advisor to avoid academic penalties. Three or more unapproved absences in one subject may result in failure of the course.


    Academic Standing

    All students are in good standing at the start of their program. This is reviewed mid- semester and at the end of each academic term. A student’s status following review could be one of the following:

    • Good Standing: The default category assigned to each student upon registration in a program or course. Good Standing is maintained by meeting or exceeding the course pass mark of 60% in all courses and achieving a GPA of at least 2.0.
    • Academic Probation: Students may be placed on academic probation if their level of academic achievement in any course falls below the course pass park of 60%, or their GPA falls below 2.0. Students placed on probation are required to meet with their academic advisor and sign a learning contract in order to continue successfully in their program.
    • Academic Dismissal: Students may be academically dismissed for a minimum of one academic year when it is no longer possible to be successful in their program or course of studies. This can take place when there is a breach of academic integrity or the student code of conduct, a student on probation fails to uphold the terms of their learning contract, or when a student’s GPA falls below 1.0. Readmittance to NBCCD following academic dismissal is at the discretion of the Student Services Manager.
    • Academic Leave: Academic leave is an approved break from a student’s course of study for up to one academic year. To apply for academic leave, students should discuss with their academic advisor and complete a request for academic leave form.


    To learn more about Academic Success, please view our Student Handbook.

  • Student Feedback

    Anonymous student surveys are administered each term. Surveys are coordinated by the Dean’s Office and are used to obtain confidential feedback on your courses. 

  • Convocation


    Convocation will take place on Friday, June 7, 2024 at the Fredericton Playhouse. 



    Certificates and diplomas will be handed out on convocation day. If you are not planning to attend the ceremony, please get in touch with the Registrar’s Office to make arrangements to receive your documents. 


    Diploma Graduate Exhibition 

    The diploma graduate exhibit opening and reception is typically held following convocation. More information will be shared via email prior to convocation. 

  • Degree Pathway Program: Bachelor of Applied Arts

    The Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) is a four-year degree program conferred by the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Students complete their 120 credit hours with 2 years (60 credits) of study at UNB, and 2 years (60 credits) of study at NBCCD. Students can begin their program at either institution. 


    BAA Registration and Payment Fees

    BAA students apply first through UNB and pay any applicable application fees to the university. For the duration of their program, students are required to pay regular tuition and fees to the institution they are attending in each academic year. Students wishing to begin the NBCCD portion of their studies are encouraged to contact NBCCD Admissions who can provide all relevant information needed for the next steps. 


    BAA- Diploma Studies at the College 

    BAA students must follow the standard application process for their selected diploma program following Foundation Visual Arts. Seat capacity is limited for all programs, so BAA students are encouraged to apply to their preferred diploma program as soon as possible after applications open for the coming year. 

    For more information on the BAA program, please contact nbccdrecruiting@gnb.ca or call 1 (877) 400-1107. 


  • Material and Supplies

    The College Store carries most of the required course materials and supplies in all areas of study. The store is also able to process special orders. 

    Supplies and materials can cost approximately $2000 annually. Specific amounts will depend on the relevant studio, program, and course assignments. 

    Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) students are required to purchase an FVA materials kit as part of their compulsory student fees. This kit is $500 and contains the materials necessary to complete the majority of all assignments during the FVA year, at a discounted price. Students who use up their materials or wish to branch out to different media not included in the FVA kits, will need to purchase supplemental materials. The College Store offers students discounted pricing. Students in the Graphic Design and Photography/Videography programs are required to purchase a laptop. Computer specifications will be provided by Studio Coordinators. 

  • Payment Methods

    Payments can be made 

    • Online
    • Cheques or money orders should be made payable to “Minister of Finance.”


    Payment Arrangements 

    Students experiencing financial hardship or extenuating circumstances may request to meet with the Registrar’s Office to discuss setting up a payment plan. 


    Non-Payment of Fees 

    Failure to meet financial obligations will result in withholding of final grade reports, official transcripts, certificates/diplomas, and the inability to participate in convocation ceremonies. Students with an outstanding balance are unable to register for any courses, programs, or services until the account has been paid in full or payment arrangements have been made. 

  • Tuition Refund

    A portion of a student’s tuition may be refunded if a student halts their studies prior to the seventh week of classes. Students who withdraw up until the seventh week of term will be charged a pro-rated amount for each week or partial week they attend class, and the remaining balance of tuition paid will be refunded. Confirmation fees are non-refundable. Additionally, there is a $25 (CAD) administrative cost for processing tuition refunds via cheque; while $30 (CAD) applies for wire transfer refunds. 

    Contact the Registrar’s Office for further information. 


    T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate 

    The College annually issues T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificates for the previous calendar year to students who paid more than $100 in tuition and were enroled in one of our official programs of study. Students may review the Canada Revenue Agency Tax Bulletin entitled Students and Income Tax for helpful information about filing the annual income tax and benefit return.  

    For further information, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency  at 1-800- 959-8281 or visit their website

  • Student Financial Services

    The governments of New Brunswick and Canada work together to provide student financial assistance. Loans, grants, and bursaries are available to help residents access funds for post-secondary education. With one application, you may be considered for student financial assistance from both the Government of New Brunswick and the Government of Canada. For more information, contact Student Financial Services at studentaid.gnb.ca or by phone at (506) 453-2577 or 1-800-667-5626. 

    Agency Sponsorship 

    Please provide confirmation from your Sponsoring Agency at registration. 

  • Student Withdrawals

    Prior to any withdrawal, students should consult the Academic Calendar to be aware of term withdrawal dates. Withdrawing after the deadline will result in academic penalty. 

    Students who wish to withdraw from a particular class should first speak to their Academic Advisor and/or the Learning Strategist. Dropping classes without an approved Independent Learning Plan in place will jeopardize a student’s ability to meet all requirements to graduate. 

    Students who wish to officially withdraw from their program should contact the Registrar’s Office. Any applicable tuition refund will be calculated based on the date official notice was received by the Registrar.  

    Transferring/switching between programs is at times permitted on a case-by-case basis with approval from the Registrar, and depends on seat capacity within the intended program.