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Nestled along the shores of the Wolastoq River, Fredericton is as much urban energy as small-town charm. For students, living downtown is the ideal home base for exploring not just the attractions of the city, but the entire capital region. NBCCD is tucked within the history Garrison District in downtown Fredericton.

The city itself is rich in history, nature, art, dining, and a youthful energy—complements of the vibrant student population with three additional university and college campuses (University of New Brunswick, NBCC, and St. Thomas University).

You’ll spend your time primarily in the Historic Garrison District, with its countless festivals and events; explore downtown Fredericton’s restaurants, shops, pubs, and cafes; slow down with a visit to a gallery or art studio; and get closer to nature in a kayak, running a trail, or just hanging out in a park.

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Uniquely capable of delivering a fresh experience with noteworthy celebrations, Fredericton is the hidden gem of the Maritimes and offers an experience students will love.

Here’s what Fredericton is known for:

get started!apartment hunting

Because NBCCD is nestled within the downtown core, we don’t offer housing or residences to students. St. Thomas University has residences available for NBCCD students, and with our free NBCCD Student Association Bus Pass, residence is just a quick transit ride away.

If students prefer to live in the downtown core, please check out the following link to explore your housing options in Canada’s most walkable city!

Your Guide to Finding Housing: Tips and Resources

  • Usually, landlords start advertising places about four to six weeks before you move in. 
  • Take some time to check out the area around campus. Think about things like how you’ll get around, where you’ll shop, and what’s nearby that you might need. 
  • Figure out what kind of place you’re looking for: do you want to live alone, with roommates, or with family? 
  • If you’re open to sharing accommodation, consider seeking out potential roommates. This option can help you divide expenses and secure housing in sought-after areas. 
  • Before you commit to anything, read through any lease or rental agreements very carefully. You want to know what you’re getting into and what’s expected of you. 
  • Check out Renting in New Brunswick ( for some helpful tips and checklists to make your housing search easier. 
  • You can access a wide variety of resources regarding all things renting as well as other helpful information at 


Charging application fees, key money, or requiring multiple months of rent paid in advance are all illegal practices in New Brunswick. 

How to apply for residence at St. Thomas University:

For residence/housing information, please reach out to

To apply, please email the following information to

First Name  

Preferred Name 

Last name 

Address (complete home mailing address) 

Date of birth 

NBCCD student email 

Telephone number (home/cell phone) 

In addition to providing the following information, please note that there is a non-refundable confirmation fee of $300 that is to be paid within 10 business days once you have been assigned a residence space. This will secure your space and is a prepayment for your residence fees. Once your application is complete, we can provide additional information on how to make the payment arrangements. Also, please look at the following lists for information on fees for residence at St Thomas University and other important information. 




More information about renting in New Brunswick.

transitnbccdsa bus pass

As a student at the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, your student ID doubles as your City of Fredericton Transit Pass, courtesy of the NBCCD Student Association! Introduced in 2018, this program grants students access to 28 buses across twelve routes, operating Monday to Saturday, from 6:15 am to 11:00 pm. Fredericton's transit service prioritizes safe, reliable, and convenient transportation for all residents.