Creative Entrepreneurship

Emphasis on Entrepreneurship

At NBCCD, our ethos revolves around fostering a multifaceted skill set in our students. We prioritize nurturing creativity, innovation, and business acumen, preparing graduates to excel not only as skilled artisans but also as savvy entrepreneurs. We recognize the importance of adapting to the dynamic world of craft and design, which is why we emphasize experiential learning. Through hands-on experiences, our students gain valuable insights and practical skills that enrich their educational journey and ensure they are well-equipped to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. With this approach, we empower our graduates to make a significant impact and leave their mark in the field of craft and design.

Craft East Buyers’ Expo

Connect with gallery owners, buyers, and purchasers worldwide at the Craft East Buyers’ Expo. Showcase and market your creations to audiences from Canada, the United States, and beyond, making valuable connections and expanding your reach in the industry.

Craft Sale

In downtown Fredericton, second-year diploma students at NBCCD organize and vend their creations at the NBCCD November Craft Sale. This highly anticipated event draws sizable crowds of holiday shoppers, presenting a lucrative opportunity for students. The sale exemplifies the community spirit and entrepreneurial ethos fostered at NBCCD, contributing to the local economy and enriching the cultural fabric of the region.

The George Fry Gallery

Owned and operated by the college, the George Fry Gallery provides students with the opportunity to curate professional exhibitions, showcasing their work. These exhibitions not only enhance student experiential learning but also contribute to New Brunswick’s vibrant cultural scene, fostering artistic growth and community engagement within the region.