The NBCCD Student Association’s 2016-2017 executive are excited about the plans they have in store for students at the College.

The executive team is made up by MacKenzie Russell (Jewellery/Metal Arts), President; Danika Vautour (Ceramics), Vice-President; Laura Craik (Fashion Design), Treasurer; and Cat Squires (Graphic Design), Secretary. The Executive were elected by students through a College-wide vote.

“This year’s executive team brings a great deal of diversity in terms of experience, background, and studio practice, but already we’ve begun to find our rhythm as a team,” said Russell. “We’re excited to hit the ground running and make sure this year’s students have the best possible experience at the College.”

The Student Association puts on major events every year including a Winter Formal, an inter-studio ball hockey tournament, and activities for students throughout the year. The Association also provides services to students including a food security program and a volunteer program designed to allow students to get more involved in the College community through recognition of their volunteer efforts. All students at NBCCD are a part of the College’s Student Association and contribute to the SA through a membership fee collected each year.