There is an exciting new collaboration between the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (NBCCD) and Kings Landing. NBCCD has launched a new program at Hoyt House at Kings Landing, in Prince William, NB.

NBCCD’s Kings Landing campus will be home to a brand-new residency program and workshop series.

This exciting partnership joins together two of New Brunswick’s treasured institutions.” said NBCCD’s College Director Marc Braithwaite. “For the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, Kings Landing is providing a remarkable platform for our student designers and makers to expand their working studio spaces.”

The Hoyt House Residency Program at Kings Landing will provide students and art professionals with the studio space to pursue their creative works. During their stay, participants will have access to the beautiful museum grounds as well as Kings Landing’s permanent collection of over 70,000 artefacts. They will be encouraged to connect their project ideas to the inspiring living history museum that surrounds them. They will also host an Open Studio each Thursday at Hoyt House.

Building on the success of Kings Landing’s pilot workshop programs, NBCCD will offer Summer LEAP (Lifelong Education with Artistic Purpose) Workshops at Kings Landing. Through this initiative, they will bring-in some of the most skilled artists and instructors in the province to host workshops that reflect the heritage skills demonstrated in The Village such as basket weaving, natural dyeing, spoon carving, edible plant identification, and more.

“This new partnership has been years in the making and we’re delighted to have it come to fruition,” said Kings Landing CEO Kevin Cormier. “The beauty, history and cultural connections offered at Kings Landing will no doubt continue to inspire those who visit and create.”

As the inaugural Hoyt House artists in residence near the end of their residency this fall, their work will be showcased in MacBeath Hall at Kings Landing’s Welcome Centre.