Craig Schneider
Bachelor of Fine Art – NSCAD University
Diploma in Fine Craft: Ceramics – NBCCD
Advanced Counselling & Psychotherapy Certificate – East Wind Institute

“I think people who are trying to take responsibility for their lives have to take responsibility for what they want to learn and how they want to use that to reach their life goals. The guidance [within this program] is helping them through that process.”

Craig Schneider was the Coordinating Instructor for the Advanced Studio Practice Certificate program. He built this program from the ground up in 2005, using his unique skillset to support the launching of careers in fine craft & design. With Craig at its core, this program has been evolving with the participants ever since.

Craig is trained as a studio potter. He was the Coordinating Instructor for Ceramics at NBCCD during the 1980s, after which he spent three years in Zambia teaching self-sufficiency based pottery production with locally-made equipment and materials.

He has recently been the recipient of an artsnb Creation Grant, during which he released shallow, gold-leafed bowls into the stream at Sission Brook, a project which also included videography. His work, “Wolastokuk,” made of handmade ceramic tile, is featured on a full wall of the Fredericton Convention Centre.  He has participated in numerous exhibitions and residencies including a recent four-person show at the Saint John Arts Centre, and a Fredericton Arts Alliance Residency.


Craig has worked in a variety of materials and methods – from functional pottery to metal sculpture. His work is ever-changing in response to the changing world around him. His main focus of late has been ceramic-based sculptural work installed in the environment rather than a gallery setting. He aims to reduce concepts to their bare visual elements, and is inspired by how the passage of time effects surfaces and structures.

As Craig sails into retirement, we wish him many happy hours in his studio and his second home on the water.