Mia Bakht is a graduate of the Digital Media program. She recently completed the Applied Studies Internship at CFB Gagetown.

Describe the day-to-day activities of your internship.

The Applied Studies Internship(ASI) is a one-year practicum program. It is a very good opportunity for interns to improve their skills that they had learned at school before, in a professional workplace in one of several fields in art and technology such as 3D Modeling. From 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM, I concentrate on making 3D models that are used as learning materials for the military. My modeling skills have improved a lot, and I have learned a new modeling program.

There is also a classroom component, where we learn business and other useful skills at NBCC that prepares us for a future workplace. That is one evening a week, plus homework and presentations to prepare every week.

How did the Digital Media program at the College help you succeed in this position?

At work I use the skills I learned at NBCCD to create learning materials and other assets for the military. Without my experience in Digital Media, I could not have even applied to take this program. I learned the fundamentals at NBCCD, and now I am practicing to make my skills better.

What other opportunities have you gained through College connections and resources?

My teachers in Digital Media suggested my name to the Director, Marc Braithwaite when he was looking for somebody to do some architectural pre-visualization for some of the buildings the school was planning to move into. It was my pleasure to work with him and show him how our program, and the students in the program were able to help in this way.

Of all of the things you learned in Digital Media, what drew you to 3D modeling?

I started this program to improve my skills in digital editing, because my background is as a film editor. Once I was in the program, I not only improved that skill, but I was introduced to 3D, which was a new world for me. It was like a dream come true for me to be able to create things that I imagined. I have to say that the program coordinator and my 3D instructor, Alan Edwards, helped me so much to get to where I am. I appreciate all the time and knowledge that he gave to all of the students, even though I know he was so busy.

What would you recommend to a student who is considering Digital Media? What skills would be helpful to have before they take the program?

I think the most important thing is passion. You need to want to do this, and to want to practice hours outside of class. It does not come instantly, and the more time you spend practicing, the better you will be.

What is your ideal future job?

3D modelers can make all sorts of different things for different uses. I would like to create all sorts of VR experiences. I enjoy making buildings and designing the interiors.

What was it like to be a student at NBCCD?

I am proud to say that I am a Canadian citizen, though this is not my country of origin. My language skill was a barrier when I first started. I only understood 30% of what my teachers said, so I had to work harder than the others, and spent many late nights at school. I am now very proud that I completed the program, and I am now going further.

Were you nervous? If so, what were you nervous about?

The first year that my English was not very good I had some tough times, but step-by-step my worries vanished, and I improved both my English ability and my art skills.

What could NBCCD or Fredericton have done better to improve your experience?

I think everyone is amazing, and do amazing jobs. When I first arrived I thought it was a very small city, but now I see that this is my home, and I want to spend my life here.