Opening December 06 in the George Fry Gallery, Queer Bodies | Queer Narratives is a LGBTQA+ Exhibition celebrating the artwork of NBCCD Students and Alumni. Queer art is about pushing boundaries, creating the new normal, and bravely sharing your unique story. This exhibition features the talented work of

Kelly Baker Photography

Dusty Green of the New Brunswick Queer Initiative

Séamus Lee Hayes

Kyle Kirby Designs

Vincent Briggs Needlework

Chase Benjamin Plourde Ceramics

and Angel Williams.

Support these amazing artists at the opening on December 06, and visit the exhibition in person until January 10. On January 10, join us for a panel discussion with the artists themselves.

As well, check out the third edition of The Hidden Gem, which features articles from Kelly Baker, Chase Benjamin Plourde, and Séamus Lee Hayes, plus an interview with Dusty Green about his work in launching the NB Queer Initiative.