The work featured in this show was created by the diploma students at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD) in the Fall/Winter 2018. The course is DRAW 2904: Drawing, Time and Narrative. The students were encouraged to use a broad definition of “drawing” in order to respond to prompts in each assignment, and then create a self-directed piece at the conclusion of the course. The prompts for creative exploration were all based in questions of narrative with the use of text and imagery. Some students also ventured into the territory of creating sound and soundscapes in their responses. The prompts for creating the works in this show include:

1. Narrative, voice and the lens of the artist/lens of the viewer.

2. Diorama creation as a narrative space.

3. Combining text and imagery to suggest meaning.

4. Instagram as a source for imagery and narrative structure

5. Photography and film as prompt for interdisciplinary exploration.

The students in this class came from various disciplines at the college – and this facilitated a rich exchange of ideas during critique. We also created a safe space for sharing personal stories and for taking risks by trying new materials. The interdisciplinary nature of this work is the result.

Jennifer Lee Wiebe, MFA
NBCCD Studio Head Drawing