A big congratulations goes out to our 1st Year Fashion Designers! This year’s Fabricville challenge was based on a multimedia piece called “Face” (1991) by Atlantic Canadian Artist, Phillipe Iverson.

We look forward to seeing what these students will come up with next, as they start the second year of their diploma.

Original Video by: Groove Hill Studio

Photos By: Hailley Fayle

Pieces By [front to back]:

Dolores Sánchez
Amy Macdonald
Jazmyn Walker
Kennedy MacIsaac
Erin Valley
Jasmine Hildebrandt
Kamen McKay
Danielle Butler
Maria Forbes

Models [front to back]:

Jackson Allen
Jillian Vessey
Gabrielle Gionet
Adrianna Jade Bishop
Luna Khalsa Blue
Tiffany Howe
Amy Goguen
Emily Hansen
Christine Leger
Drew Gilbert