Want to learn something new? Our fall courses are starting soon! We offer a collection of courses in a variety of mediums from top-notch instructors from all over the Maritimes. Each course has been specially designed to encourage creative thinking and to help you put thoughts into artistic practice. You will love the imaginative and unique environment the College offers. Classes are small, interactive and incredibly social.

Announcing Visiting Artist Jessica Sallay-Carrington for the Animal Teapot Workshop. Through ceramic sculptures, Jessica questions gender expectations and stereotypes and how they influence personal identities. Their animalistic qualities of these sculptures speak for the subconscious parts of human action, blurring the line between human and animal. Jessica uses their sculptures to fight for gender equality and aims to develop a revaluation of what defines ‘feminine’ in contemporary society.

7 week courses

Jewellery Metal Arts for Beginners 
Kiki Levesque

Victorian Style Crazy Quilting
Cat Candow

Wet Felted Whimsical Toys and Hats
Tina Sharapova

Introduction to Ceramics 
Leigh Merritt

Mixed Media Sketchbook Challenge
Katrina Slade

Portfolio Development
Jared Peters

Intermediate Functional Pottery
Jess Kelly

Greeting Card Design
Vena Carr

Exploring the Art and Heritage Traditions of Crocheting 
Cynthia Wallace
Introduction to Natural Dyes
Renata Britez


Animal Teapot Workshop 
Visiting Artist Jessica Sallay-Carrington
Building on Stories: Screenwriting 
Jillian Acreman
Paint Your Pet Rainbow!
Charlie Proulx

Creating Fillable Forms Adobe Acrobat Pro Interactive PDFs
Olivia Parker
How to Hem Anything 
Cat Candow
Photoshop Cropping and Basic Photo Manipulation 
Olivia Parker
Felted Slipper Workshop
Tina Sharapova

Hand Building With Clay
Tomo Ingalls

Mosaic Wall Art 
Carole Lulham
Print IT! Weekend Edition 
Kent Jensen
The Art of Pearl Knotting 
Kelsey Hines