COVID-19 update as of April 27, 2020


Dear NBCCD Staff and Students,

I hope that all of you are doing as well as possible in these difficult circumstances. Thank you once again for your hard work, commitment and patience as we take upon each day and make plans for the future.

I want to clarify with you today that NBCCD staff and students are not expected to return to the College at this time. Plans are being developed that may require some staff to return to the College for essential work and/or to undertake work as part of our preparations for the Fall semester. Any return to work will be undertaken according to Public Health guidelines.  

I hope that this communication and those to follow will clarify details on the recovery phases and inform you of additional information regarding transitioning guidelines. It is understandable that here are many questions that all of us have about the next steps.

The Government of New Brunswick recently introduced the Public Health Recovery Phases with four distinct public health alert levels that will gradually lessen COVID-19 restrictions. In the news conference held on April 24, it was stated that post-secondary institutions will re-open and students may have access to campuses. However, I want to emphasize that this transition to the next recovery phase for post-secondary institutions includes only practicum and research labs under strict guidelines and it does not yet include regular in-person classes. We have already developed solutions to ensure that students have opportunities to complete program requirements for 2019-2020; therefore, the NBCCD building is not re-opening for academic purposes and will remain closed to the public until further notice.

The recovery phase transition will depend on detailed criteria and restrictions to minimize the risk of a new wave and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The phased recovery plan will allow New Brunswick Public Health to monitor and evaluate the impact of the lifting of restrictions. At any time, restrictions may quickly be reinstated to protect public health.

NBCCD will continually review the Public Health Recovery Phases and create detailed plans to re-open for academic purposes in consultation with the College’s Health and Safety Committee and others as guided by four distinct public health alert levels in accordance with the Government of New Brunswick. We will reassess and evaluate the situation continuously and issue regular communication updates as they become available.

We look forward to welcoming the NBCCD community back when it is deemed safe by New Brunswick Public Health. We will continue to provide the latest information on COVID-19 developments through email and through our social media.

Sincere regards,


COVID-19 update as of March 19, 2020

If any student has not heard from their instructor, please reach out to your instructor directly. If you are unable to do so, please inform Ellen Woolaver at Please visit the Student Community Facebook Page post entitled Latest Updates & Frequently Asked Questions to post your concerns, and to stay connected to your NBCCD community. Supportive content is being shared from students, staff and faculty. We encourage you to stretch your creative muscles at home, we’re all in this together.

Below are frequently asked questions from the students at NBCCD.

  1. How do we pick up personal items and supplies left in the college?
    The college is now closed. We hope you were able to pick up your items on March 17th & 18th, but if you have items left behind, you can get them at a later date. Please discuss with your instructor if you are missing supplies you need to complete your assignments.
  2. Will the store be open?
    The College Store is closed until further notice.
  3. Do we have to complete our coursework and/or homework?
    Yes, your instructors will be in touch soon regarding next steps for completing your coursework. Please continue to work on your assigned homework.
  4. Can we leave the province?
    Yes, but your instructors will be in touch soon regarding next steps for completing your coursework, so please remain available.
  5. Are counselling services still available?
    NBCCD Counselling Services will be offering appointments remotely by video-conferencing or telephone. If you are struggling, overwhelmed or requiring support at this time and would like to book an appointment, please email
  6. What if we’re missing lectures or coursework?
    The faculty and staff at NBCCD are working to provide alternative learning electronically, which will be accessible from home. Your instructors will reach out shortly with further details.
  7. Are exhibitions and other events still happening?
    All public NBCCD events for March & April are cancelled until further notice, including ASP Guest Lecture Series, Open House, exhibitions in all of our galleries, and the Fashion Show.
  8. How will we complete FVA media classes?
    Students currently enrolled in the FVA media classes will receive a Pass on their transcript. If any of you would like to get some feedback on what you have completed or if you have questions about the studio, please reach out to your instructor directly.



COVID-19 update as of March 16, 2020

Dear NBCCD Students,

As directed today by the Government of NB, NBCCD will be closed until further notice. College staff will be working from home and communicating electronically and by phone to determine the way forward with regard to the continuation and/or the completion of your programs. We will communicate with you accordingly, and you can post questions on the NBCCD Student Community page on Facebook. We will try to answer these questions on a daily basis.

As of 11pm today, your access cards will no longer be effective. However, Terry Pyne will be in the main building on March 17th and 18th from 8:15am to 4:30pm to allow you to pick up any of your belongings.

Please take care of yourselves and follow the advice of federal and provincial public health officials.

Sincere regards,
Marilyn Luscombe
Interim Director


Comment on the Student Community Facebook Page post entitled Latest Updates & Frequently Asked Questions with your questions. We know that this is stressful and confusing time for our community and it is important that you get the right answers the first time. We will answer as quickly as possible but please be patient as decisions are being made on an ongoing basis.

The following events are cancelled:

  • MARCH 18
    – Digital Illustration Exhibition Opening at the Red Brick Gallery
  • MARCH 19
    Psyche Exhibition Opening at the CreatedHere/NBCCD Studio
    – Dr. Casey Burkholder: NBCCD Artist Talks/Séries de Conférences at the Fredericton Public Library
  • MARCH 21
    Open House
  • MARCH 26
    – Touch Don’t Touch Textile Exhibition at the George Fry Gallery
    – Tony Merzetti: NBCCD Artist Talks/Séries de Conférences at the Fredericton Public Library
  • APRIL 2
    – Thaddeus Holownia: NBCCD Artist Talks/Séries de Conférences at the Fredericton Public Library
  • APRIL 9
    – Jennifer Lee Wiebe & Janice Wright Cheney: NBCCD Artist Talks/Séries de Conférences at the UNB Arts Centre
  • APRIL 16
    – John Leroux: NBCCD Artist Talks/Séries de Conférences at the Fredericton Public Library
  • APRIL 18
    – NBCCD Fashion Show (Postponed until Fall)
  • APRIL 30
    – Danielle Hogan: NBCCD Artist Talks/Séries de Conférences at the Fredericton Public Library



COVID-19 update as of March 14, 2020

Please be advised that campus will remain open next week (March 16-20) to allow students to pick up their work and to consult with faculty.



COVID-19 update as of March 13, 2020

Please be advised that NBCCD is suspending all in-person classes for the week of March 16th to March 20th to provide faculty and staff an opportunity to plan for the continuation, or potential alternative delivery, of programs. This action is a consequence of ongoing developments with COVID-19.

The College will be open on Monday for students to pick up books and/or materials.

We will keep you informed.



COVID-19 update as of March 11, 2020

As of Wednesday, March 11, 2020 all Post-Secondary Education (PSE) institutions in New Brunswick participated in a teleconference where information was shared by Dr. Jennifer Russell, Chief Medical Officer of NB.  Below are bullets pertaining to the COVID-19 discussions.

  • Post-Secondary Education teleconference meetings are scheduled weekly to provide COVID-19 updates
  • COVID-19 information and updates are obtained from both Federal and Provincial Governments as well as Public Health
  • Proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette is imperative to help avoid any virus
  • For those who’ve traveled internationally during March break, travelers are to self-monitor for symptoms.  If symptoms are experienced, self-isolate and call 8-1-1 for medical assessment.  The exception to this is for those who visited Iran and China (Level 3 advisories).   If you visited Iran or China, you are required to self-isolate and monitor for symptoms.  If symptoms develop, please call 8-1-1 for medical assessment. 
  • During the teleconference discussions yesterday, it was stated Italy’s advisory level potentially would be upgraded to a level 3 by the afternoon.  The travel advisories are available on the following link


As for the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design,  we are taking additional measures to assist to help prevent contamination.

  • Additional cleaning has been established in the afternoon and evenings but still request all staff and students use wipes provided in classrooms to wipe surfaces after use.
  • The college is discussing contingency plans for the upcoming months for scheduled events
  • We are taking this very serious and have everyone’s best interest at heart
  • Updates will be provided as new information is received