NBCCD Actively Preparing to Welcome Students for Fall 2020

NBCCD staff and faculty are working hard to ensure the safe delivery of all programs starting in September 2020. Plans are being made on the assumption that our ‘COVID-19 lives’ will be much the same as they are today.

With this in mind, we will be offering blended learning experiences for our students – which will vary from program to program and course to course. Blended learning means there will be a combination of online and in-person delivery. Our small class sizes will enable us to continue prioritizing the hands-on training we provide. All incoming students are being contacted by phone by the Registrar’s Office, or by email for students out of country. More specific program and course information will be provided to students by their Studio Heads later in June.

All College buildings, classrooms and studio spaces are being set up for safe traffic flow, seating and delivery. We are planning to have active screening in place for entry to the College (including temperature checks); we will require masks be worn on exit and entry – and when social distancing or protective barriers are not possible; and we will follow all other recommendations by the Public Health department.

If students are travelling from out of Province, they are being asked to check ahead to ensure that they can travel to New Brunswick.  Given current conditions, students will probably be required to self-isolate for two weeks prior to attending classes. Out-of-province and out-of-country students will be provided letters from NBCCD that they can give to border officials to assure those officials that NBCCD’s incoming students will be required to follow all necessary protocols.

In the meantime, if students have any further questions, they should contact the Registrar’s Office by email at NBCCDRegistrar@gnb.ca, or leave a message at 1 (877) 400-1107

We look forward to welcoming our 2020-2021 new and returning students to a safe and quality learning environment where we will work hard to ensure that they enjoy belonging to our creative community.