Welcome to the virtual opening of In Process: Urchin by Alanna Baird – a Virtual Exhibition from The George Fry Gallery. At 4:30pm on September 6, 2020, immerse yourself in the shell patterns of sea urchins when St. Andrew’s artist Alanna Baird presents her latest works.



Alanna graduated from the NBCCD Ceramics program in 1978, and has since become quietly prolific as a multi-media artist. Her Urchin series involves working across multiple mediums: printmaking, bronze, and plastic calligraphy. Most recently she has been exploring plastic through the use of a 3D printing pen.

Alanna is continually adding to her growing knowledge of bronze sculpture. Her recent work involves revisiting some of her early raku fired ceramic pieces, creating molds of her work and transforming them into bronze. Visitors to the gallery (online for the public and in-person for staff and students) will see the steps involved in transforming objects into bronze including the artist’s molds and wax castings.

Alanna can often be found working away at artist residencies – this year alone at The Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Sunbury Shores Art and Nature Centre, and Kira (Kingsbrae International Residency for the Arts). She has also completed several large public art commissions, including the 17 ft “Ichthyosaur” for The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta; “Mackerel Run” for the Town of Montague, PEI’s sculpture trail, “Spike, The Sea Raven” for the Huntsman Marine Science Centre and “#DotSpot” for Saint John’s Cargo-tecture Competition.

To see more of Alanna’s work visit tinfish.ca