As cases of coronavirus continue to emerge in New Brunswick and across Canada, we remain vigilant to the threat of the pandemic. At NBCCD we are fortunate for our continuation of services but recognize the stress that this virus has created in our community and around the world. Our lives have altered and at this time we are facing one of humanities most anxiety-provoking states: uncertainty. Uncertainty is daunting , but it can be made infinitely more tolerable with a few simple fixes. Please join us for our third episode of Strategies for Success where our college counsellor will share 3 tips for Overcoming Uncertainty during Coronavirus.

Strategies for Success is a virtual video series hosted by our College Counsellor that we will offer monthly. It is designed to provide tangible tips and tricks to help you thrive during your time here and keep you functioning at your best! We hope that this will be a resource you can return to at any point to offer concrete assistance and reassurance. Big thank you to second year photography student, Ian Humber, for offering his time and talent in making this happen.