Fashion Exhibition


RE\Collection is a visual experience of people being in hard times and having the creativity and determination to persevere and make really great work, said Tracy Austin, Studio Head, Fashion Design.

What we’ll see in the 2021 Fashion Studio exhibition is an eclectic culturally and historically referenced mix of pieces that were created in 2020 for a Fashion Event wiped out by the pandemic. “These people took the hardship, put it on their backs, and kept marching forward,” she said about her student designers. You’ll see brand new lines, alumni work, and pieces created for the annual Fabricville Fashion Challenge plus work created by the 2021 grads for this spring.  You’ll see a complete conceptual historically-informed fashion line created by a graduate, alumni work that is simultaneously tailored but contains Rococo-inspired details: ruffles, applique, and beading, Indigenous haute couture, and entries for the annual Fashion Challenge (in 2020: draping).

Open March 11th – March 31st, 2021
In person for staff and students at NBCCD and online for public.

Visit us here on March 11th for the Virtual Tour and keep watch at