Graphic Design Exhibition

Grid-Life Crisis

Understanding, designing, and working with underlying grid systems is something Graphic Designers must do on a daily basis, and much like a grid system an underlying network of “unique challenges” have been flowing underneath our world this year but nevertheless we push forward, and the Graphic Design Studio has been working hard to prepare their 2021 Studio Exhibition and they are excited to share it with you! The name Grid-Life Crisis is a cheeky nod to being a graphic designer with a dash of stress tossed in the mix, and the work featured within demonstrates a taste from all corners of the industry from layout design to information design to illustration to craft beer labels, and everything in between.

View the Virtual Exhibition


Launching Virtually for the public and in-person for students and staff of NBCCD, join us in celebrating the Graphic Design Studio as they launch Grid-Life Crisis, featuring:

Abby Linton
Ashley Goodine
Camille Mutch
Cindy Belanger
Courtney Ivey
Deborah Hannah
Dylan Veysey
Emily Hayward
Emily Lapointe
Jed Gemarino
Jordan Wilson
Katelyn Thibodeau
Katie Ross
Leeza Bourgoin
Nicholas Walsh
Sarah Simmons


Amber Carter
Danelle Vautour
Edyn Albert
Emma MacMinn
Emma Naylor
Josie Bowles
Kaitlynn Berriault
LaShya McQuaid
Martha Tait
Olga Tepfer
Olivia Chenier
Sam Cameron
Sophia Adams
Taylor Snowdon
Yilun Tang