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DEBACLE kicks off the 2022 season

Presenting DEBACLE—3D Digital Design’s gallery exhibition

The 3D Digital Design diploma program’s DEBACLE exhibit launches on Thursday, January 27 at 4 pm (AST). The exhibit focuses on letting go of perfection and celebrating the success that comes from making mistakes.

“Most of us have found ourselves at the point where we feel that moving forward is impossible, that we have so much doubt about ourselves there is no way for us to complete the task that we face,” said Jamie Bergin, 3D Digital Design Studio Head. “Sometimes the only way to fight that feeling of impending failure is to let go of the idea of perfection.”

NBCCD’s 3D Digital Design program prepares students to excel in the rapidly-growing industries of animation, video game design, film, and simulation. Students learn to sketch concepts, build worlds, and model their 3D creations, using accessible softwares, such as Blender.

Students are taught not only how to use software and technology as a tool, but to become creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers that can evolve alongside a dynamic industry no matter the career path they choose.

The online exhibition will be available for viewing from January 27 to February 23, 2022.


View the exhibit below.

Experience DEBACLE.


Hear 3D Digital Design instructors thoughts on the exhibit, the idea of Debacle, and the 3D Digital Design program.

Jamie Bergin: 3D Digital Design Studio Head

Jillian Acreman: 3D Digital Design instructor

Drew Kennickell: 3D Digital Design instructor

Todd Delong: 3D Digital Design instructor


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