Ceramics Exhibition

Still Grounded

Presenting Still Grounded — a ceramics exhibition at the George Fry Gallery

MAY 5—May 27, 2022
Join us for the public opening from 4-6pm on May 5
Masks required for entrance to the George Fry Gallery, 408 Queen Street, Fredericton, N.B.

View the official launch trailer of Still Grounded here.

NBCCD’s first ceramics show in four years is unearthed at the George Fry Gallery on May 5.

Ceramics Studio Head, Liz Demerson and her faculty, technicians, and students are ready to open the doors to the public to reveal new works after a long hiatus due in part to the pandemic. In the spring of 2020, the doors of the college shut when the COVID-19 lockdown hit New Brunswick. This included the George Fry Gallery.

“Our show was slated for May 2020,” said Demerson, “and we were shut down because of the pandemic. Our last showing was in September 2018, and it was called 900 Degrees and Rising. It featured a variety of New Brunswick Artists.”

Each of the eight studios at the college have an exhibition in the George Fry Gallery bi-annually. The studios can choose to exhibit student work, work from alumni to inspire students by showing them successful practice in their field from graduates of their program, or choose to show work from invited professional artists in their field, also to inspire and teach students.

Demerson said this exhibition is about the last two years of learning and in making pots. With many ups and downs throughout our pandemic-ridden ceramics journey, this exhibition presents an overall feeling of that experience.

“Here, you will see the drive to create, the love of the material and the process, the persistence and tenacity in our personalities and the obsession with clay and pots. We all have the ceramics bug, and we just can’t stop,” said Demerson.

The students and staff in the Ceramics Studio are excited for the future and feel proud of our accomplishments, she said. The cultural trend towards local is invigorating and encouraging and we can’t wait to be a part of that trend as people realize the increased quality of life achieved by using local handmade ceramics.

“Here is the heart and soul of the last two years of our lives. Here is what got us through this mess of a time,” said Demerson. “Here are our pots.”

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