2019 Image of a Man wearing traditional indigenous regalia.

Elder-in-Residence Ron Tremblay to lead Sept. 30 ceremony

Friday, September 30, 2022 is National Truth & Reconciliation Day (Orange Shirt Day) to recognize the impact of Canada’s residential school system. NBCCD will close on September 30 and all classes are cancelled. Students/staff/faculty will still have building access.

That said, NBCCD invites our community to a “PSI-TE WASIS OKIMQOSU OLOTAHKEWAKON” (Every Child Matters) ceremony on September 30 at 2PM, led by our Elder-In-Residence, Ron Tremblay. The ceremony will be held at the Old Burial Grounds, located between the Government House and the Delta, off of Woodstock Road in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

A Sacred Fire will be ignited to start the ceremony. Water and Tobacco will be honored and shared with all participants. Songs/chants and words will be shared by designated guests. Please come participate, wear orange, and bring a chair or blanket to sit on.

We encourage all students and staff to take part in this ceremony and take the time to reflect on Canada’s history of maltreatment, racism, and generational trauma inflicted on the Mi’kmaq, Wolastoq, and Passamoquody peoples, whose lands we reside on, as well as all First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people across Canada. 

Please also use this day to reflect on the influence you each have as visual artists and further your own learning. Your ability to communicate history and humanity through diverse mediums is a powerful talent that we celebrate and cherish at NBCCD. Some resources to shape your reflection and learning include:

If you are in need of support, please feel free to reach out to the National Indian Residential School Crisis Line at 1-866-925-4419. In addition to this, NBCCD students can reach out to Kristi.Clarke@gnb.ca for available counselling services.