Collect Art Fair

Collect, an annual art fair hosted by the Crafts Council, stands as the premier international event for contemporary craft and design, embodying the pinnacle of artistry and creativity.

In 2024, Collect celebrated its 20th year at Somerset House in London. Against a backdrop of increasing demand for contemporary craft, the fair presented a remarkable collection of artworks crafted within the last five years by living artists and designers.

On the global stage of contemporary craft and design, Collect Art Fair UK showcased the remarkable talents of several artists and craftspeople with ties to the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD). From February 28 to March 3, 2024, these artists and craftspeople enthralled audiences and collectors at the prestigious event in London.

Among the distinguished artists were New Brunswick’s Brigitte Clavette, Anna Torma, Shane Perley-Dutcher, Judy Blake, Darren Emenau, and Gordon Sparks. Their exceptional craftsmanship and artistic vision shone amidst the global showcase of creativity.

Brigitte Clavette, a current instructor at NBCCD, showcased her expertise and innovation, while Judy Blake, a past instructor, left a lasting impression with her artistry.

NBCCD alumni Darren Emenau and Shane Perley-Dutcher, demonstrated their continued excellence on the international stage, highlighting their contributions to the contemporary craft landscape.

Discover more about Atlantic Canada’s presence at Collect by visiting the Craft Alliance Collect 2024 Exhibition website.