Advanced Studio Practice


The George Fry Gallery proudly presents Playground, a graduate exhibition showcasing the work of eight artists from the Advanced Studio Practice program at NBCCD. Throughout the summer, from May 30 to August 23, visitors are invited to visit the gallery and admire the unique artistic explorations that bring back the wonder of childhood, where every material, shape, and color holds the potential for pure magic and creation.  

“Playground” is more than just an art show; it’s a journey through the unique perspectives of Alina Karmadanova, Caise McLellan, Ciara Myshrall, Grace Hallewell, Ivy Grenier, Katherine Neily, Emily Dao, and Becca Hanley. These eight graduates, who work across five diverse studios, will showcase ceramics, jewelry-metal arts, textiles, paintings, and photography. These artworks aren’t just static displays; they engage with emotions, provoke questions, and celebrate the quirks that make us human. Get ready to be inspired and perhaps even a little bit puzzled.  

At the heart of “Playground” is a rebellion against the seriousness of the art world. These artists create a safe space for exploration, free from the pressures of adulthood. They recognize the importance of hard work and critique, but they choose to approach their craft with a playful attitude, inspiring others to embrace their inner child and find joy in their work. 

These artists are celebrating the weirdness, quirkiness, and the beauty of embracing our flaws. The exhibited works offer commentary on valuing women, the nature of love, cherishing girlhood, embracing whimsy, and tackling uncomfortable topics with the honesty only children possess. 

Jean Rooney, program instructor and Head of Studio Practice at NBCCD, observes, “At first, all play is pretend practice. Our graduate program uses play as a preparation ground for the real world. Our students have spent an intense year expanding their design practice, learning business skills and entrepreneurship strategies. They have shown they are willing and have made a leap of commitment towards a serious design career. In other words, they are ready.  

We invite you to attend an open reception on May 30, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. Join us in celebrating their fearless spirit and joyous creations and get a chance to hear from the artists about the stories behind each piece. Admission is free and open to all. 

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Advanced Studio Practice is a post-diploma Certificate program that spans two terms of study in which students develop and implement a professional career plan in the visual arts. The program takes a whole-person approach and empowers students to identify their career goals by awakening their personal and human potential. The key focus is on studio practice in the students’ area of concentration while they work collaboratively with highly qualified faculty advisers and professional mentors. This program is suitable for recent graduates, professional artists and individuals with an artistic practice who wish to engage in a creative and collegial environment while evolving their distinct career goals.