Annual Curriculum Updates

The Annual Curriculum Updates is an annual process that involves minor revisions to the program and curricular structure, informed by reflection and discussion in the studio. This process is led by the Coordinating Instructor each fall in consultation with the Academic Administration team (Dean, Associate Dean, and the Learning Design Centre team). It provides an opportunity to make changes to programs to ensure quality, relevancy and currency of programs in your discipline.

  • Process

    Studios consult with the Learning Design Centre team in the Spring (for FVA) and the Fall (for Diploma and ASP) to discuss changes they would like to see in their program for the following academic year. After the consultation, Studios formally request their curriculum changes by completing a Curriculum Change Request Form that is submitted to the Dean for approval. The Dean determines whether the changes are minor or major. If the changes are minor, the updates can begin. If the changes are major, the Dean may recommend a Program Review. If the changes are approved, the Studios will commence their curriculum updates. Studios will receive dedicated support from the Learning Design Centre team throughout the process. Updates to the Curriculum Standards must be completed by the FVA Studio in September and Diploma Studios in December.

  • Minor Changes

    Minor changes normally include things like: changing the sequence for courses, altering requisites, substituting 1-2 new courses for old ones, or updating a few of a course’s learning outcomes.

  • Major Changes

    Major changes would be things like: reducing the number of credits in a program, substituting more than two new courses for old ones, or marking large alterations to the programs’ curriculum (i.e. more than 20%). If major changes are needed, a Program Review may be recommended by the Dean.