Models walk down the 2016 fashion show runway displaying the collections of then graduating designers from the program. Andy Lindsay is a graduating designer of the class of 2022.
2022 Graduate Designers

Andy Lindsay

Andy Lindsay - 2022 Graduate Designer

Meet the designer

Andy Lindsay is a graduate of the NBCCD Fashion Design program and will be continuing his education at the Vancouver Film School, creating video game design.

As a fan of film and video games, Andy had embraced the dark aesthetic that often portrays the powerful and impactful villain characters. The design process is where his passion lies and pursuing video game design while utilizing his fashion knowledge will strength his future career.

Andy will continue sewing, using his technical skills to create cosplay outfits for clients who want a taste of the fantastical world of gaming and film. Drawn to powerful, yet feminine figures, Andy makes a point to help his clients and character designs portray a seductive confidence.

• Emma MacMinn
• Emma D’Costa
• Sophia Adams
• Kaylee Comeau
• Demi Ward

Hair and makeup by models.