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portfolio requirements

Explore the document linked below to read about your respective program’s portfolio requirements. Follow all portfolio guidelines and submit your portfolio within your application portal under the “Add Files” tab after submitting your application form.

 Portfolio Requirements for all NBCCD programs

upload your portfolio

By uploading your portfolio to your application, you hereby declare that all work submitted is your own. This work has not been copied from another person nor created by someone else.

Students applying to Foundation Visual Arts (FVA), Advanced Studio Practice (ASP), or any of NBCCD’s diploma programs must submit a portfolio as part of their application documents.

Students applying to Foundation Visual Arts (FVA), Advanced Studio Practice (ASP), or any of NBCCD’s diploma programs must submit a portfolio as part of their application documents.


All portfolio documents must be uploaded directly to the student portal. This option is available after an application has been submitted. To do so, login to your student portal, click on My Applications, and then on Program Applications, then select your current application, and select Add Files.

Please find portfolio requirements below for the following application streams:

  • Foundation Visual Arts
  • Diploma (direct entry)
  • Advanced Studio Practice


Upload the following portfolio items as one file in the “Add Files” tab of the student portal.

  1. Letter of Intent
    Please write a short for the admissions committee (max. 250 words) describing your interest in art, craft, and design and how you feel NBCCD will help you achieve your future career goals.
  2. Image List
    Image list includes title, date of work, and materials used.
  3. Images
    Please submit a minimum of 10 digital images, which may include closeups or different stages of completion of your most recent creative works. These works should represent your creativity and interests in visual art. Mediums may include, but are not limited to fine art, craft, photography, digital media, or video.


After all relevant documents have been assessed, an interview may be required. The applicant should be prepared to speak to their portfolio, goals, and interest in craft and design.


A portfolio is required to ensure that the applicant is well prepared for direct entry into one of our diploma programs. To bypass the Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) certificate program, applicants must demonstrate equivalent knowledge. We will be looking at your abilities and knowledge of the foundations of the visual arts through the following exercises, uploaded as instructed to your application portal:

  1. Include the following items within one file:
    • Your resume or CV
    • Letter of Intent (max. 250 words) including:
        • Reason for wanting to study at NBCCD
        • Interest in craft, design, and art
        • Plans and goals for the future
  2. Create and photograph original work for your portfolio submission. Upload the following to your application portal.
    • Demonstrate observational drawing by completing each of the following exercises.
      We will be looking at proportion, perspective, value, and composition. As this is an exercise in observation, these should be drawn using real life examples, rather than from photographs:

        • Still life
        • Life drawing of a human figure (from head to foot)
        • Value study by drawing a draped cloth
    • Demonstrate the elements and principles of 2D Design by completing each of the following exercises:
        • Take two photographs of architectural structures: one illustrating symmetric balance and the other asymmetric balance.
        • Make a mixed media composition that illustrates Rhythm and Emphasis.
        • Create a composition using one of the following Gestalt Theories: Grouping, Containment, Continuity, Repetition, Proximity, or Closure. Write a brief description identifying the theory presented, as well as how it successfully achieves the Gestalt Theory chosen.
    • Demonstrate the Elements and Principles of 3D Design by completing each of the following:
        • Make a wire sculpture, using the element of line (see Alexander Calder for inspiration, maximum 8” x 8”).
        • Create a sculpture that shows mass and space using subtractive sculpting in a medium of your choice, for example: clay, stone, wood, soap etc. (maximum 12” x 12”).
    • Demonstrate Colour Theory through the following exercises:
        • Using paint, create a 12-step colour wheel.
        • Using coloured paper swatches, give examples of the following 3 Colour Chords: dyad, triad, and tetrad.
        • Using paint or paper, create 3 examples of colour contrast. Choose 3 from the following list and illustrate each one in a 3×3 grid. Write a brief description identifying the contrast presented, as well as how they successfully achieve the effect.