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Have you ever wanted to break free from your everyday life? Do you dream of engaging with creative and likeminded individuals in an open and friendly environment? Well, here at NBCCD, we take your ‘free’ time extremely seriously. Each and every day we inspire, motivate, challenge and teach our students everything they need to know about the art of Fine Craft and Design. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes, knowledgeable instructors and the close-knit community we’ve been fostering here for over 75 years! This fall, take a ‘Leap’ with NBCCD and begin your career as a leisure student, part-time student, or even go all the way and enrol full time. If it’s art for Leisure you crave, or something more permanent, we can make it happen.

LEAP courses offer individuals and groups the chance to partake in a diverse range of artistic mediums and experiences. All of our course offerings spotlight hands-on learning with the opportunity for self-expression and individuality. Your interest and enthusiasm are all that is required!

All LEAP instructors are talented artists who want to share their knowledge and expertise with you! Each course has been specially designed to encourage your creative thinking and to help you put those thoughts into artistic practice. You will love the imaginative and unique environment the College offers. Classes are small, interactive and incredibly social.

Interested in finding out more?
Contact: Anna Mathis, LEAP Coordinator | (506) 461-4020 or nbccdleap@gnb.ca.



Fall | October 15th – November 28th 2019
Applications due August 9th 2019. 

More details coming soon. 


Summer | June 15th – October 8th
Applications due April 8th, 2019.

The New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (NBCCD) is seeking passionate instructors to teach hands-on workshops at the Kings Landing Historical Settlement on weekends June through September. Last year we offered a fun filled season of workshops ranging from Natural Dyes to Wild Edible Plant Identification, Natural Light Photography, Basket Weaving and more!  This exciting Summer Workshop Series combines traditional craft with modern techniques, crossing multiple disciplines in half day and full day workshops.

These workshops take place in Kings Landings Historical settlement; the amenities that the facilities offer are quite simple. We can provide tables, chairs, access to a container with water, and a single electrical outlet. It is the instructor’s responsibility to supply all other equipment required for the workshop.

Instructors will receive $34/h as well as a $25 material fee for samples and demonstration materials used. Each course can have an additional associated material fee that will be paid by the participants to the instructor the day of the course.

Email this application to nbccdleap@gnb.ca.


$85 + HST (one 6 hour class on a Saturday or Sunday)

Hands-on Linocut Printmaking – Kirsten Stackhouse

Saturday February 16th 9 AM – 4 PM

In this full day workshop participants will engage with the design process. They will sketch and hand-carve a linoleum block, and print their original designs, while learning about the tools, inks, and paper used in the process. We will experiment with colour and detail, and explore value, positive and negative space, and the historical significance of relief printing as we go. At the end of the day each participant will leave with multiple finished prints and their own carved block, which can be reused to print more at home.

MATERIAL COST: $20.00 to be paid to the instructor the day of the workshop.


The Art of Book Making – Denise Rowe
Saturday February 23rd, 9 AM – 4 PM

Spend a relaxing day making a personal, handmade Coptic-stitched bound journal. We will design and make unique front and back covers. There will be lots of folding; sewing, some gluing, and we will learn a few neat booky terms along the way.

MATERIAL COST: $20.00 to be paid to the instructor the day of the workshop.


Improv Quilting – Rachel MacGillivray
Saturday February 23rd 9 AM – 4 PM

In this fun, creative workshop we will toss the rulers aside, and learn to quilt and piece without rules or boundaries! This is a great class for the experienced quilter, or beginner who has been too intimidated to give this spontaneous process a try.  Following your own vision and intuition we will cut and piece samples of traditional & modern patterns using this freeform, liberating method of improvisational quilting to create your own unique designs. Say goodbye to fussy cutting and relax about perfectly straight lines!  You’ll leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence to play with your quilting compositions at home.

MATERIAL COST: $10.00 (Please bring a sewing kit; thread, scissors, pins, seam ripper. Sewing machine in good working order, 1-2 yards of fabric, can be scraps a minimum of 6” x 8” per piece.)


Crash Course in Spinning – Rachel MacGillivray
Saturday March 16th, 9 AM – 4 PM

Have you ever wanted to learn to spin your own yarn? Now’s your chance! Learn how to use a spinning wheel to spin different fibers and make and design your own beautiful handspun yarns. In this crash course you’ll get comfortable with the basics of using a spinning wheel, how to buy and handle different types of fiber, and how to troubleshoot your own wheel. Be careful though, this can lead to a lifetime obsession!



From Raw Wool to Yarn – Rachel MacGillivray
Saturday March 30th, 9 AM – 4 PM

There is nothing better than burying your fingers into a freshly shorn sheep fleece! Soft wool fibers, lanolin, and the smell of sheep; nothing more magical than taking that fiber and seeing it come alive as spun yarn at your very finger tips. The world of spinning raw wool, while amazingly rewarding, can also be intimidating to dive into. Rachel MacGillivray will help you take the plunge and uncover some of the mystery. Here, you’ll learn about different types of fleece and how to pick a good one for spinning. You’ll find out what to do when you get it home, including: skirting and different ways to clean, prepare the fibre, and spin. Together we will skirt and wash up a fleece and play with fibre prep. Participants will learn everything they need to go out and buy a fleece and start spinning!

Please note: this is not a basic "learn to spin" workshop. MATERIAL COST: $20.00


$160 + HST (Two 5hr classes, either Saturday/Sunday or Saturday/Saturday)

Fashion Creativity – Tracy Austin

Saturday & Sunday, March 16th – 17th 9 AM – 4 PM

Have you ever wanted to design your own personal style? This two–day workshop with NBCCD Fashion Grad Tracy Austin, will help you find your personal style, whether it is for your use or for the fashion industry. This valuable information can be used to help develop concepts for casual life, ready to wear, couture fashion or even costume. Students will dive into examining fabrics, colours, and existing styles, while learning to make mood boards, fashion illustrations and Croquis. You won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity.

MATERIAL COSTS: $25.00 to be paid to the instructor the day of the workshop. (Please bring printing images from magazines or books that show your personal style and taste)


Greenwood Series: Carving a Küksa, Intermediate – Adam Weaver
Saturday March 30th & Saturday April 6th 9 AM – 4 PM

Are you ready to take your woodcrafting skills to the next level? Come join Adam Weaver for a deep ‘cut' into the world of woodcraft. In this class we will grab our carving axes, hook knives and mauls to rough out beautiful handcrafted wood bowls or drinking vessels (küksa) out of locally sourced hardwood. You will learn the fundamentals of how to work with ‘green’ wood, sharpen your tools, wood lore and more. By the end of this workshop you will walk away with your very own piece of functional art! It is recommended that you have prior experience working with woodcrafting tools, or better yet, have taken Zen and the Art of Spoon Carving with Adam in the past.

MATERIAL COSTS: $25.00 to be paid to the instructor the day of the workshop.


$255 + HST (one 3 hour class per week for 7 weeks)

Zen and the Art of Spoon Carving – Adam Weaver

Mondays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 11

Do you love the smell of fresh cut wood? Have you ever admired utilitarian pieces of art made from wood? Are you a wood carving enthusiast, or would like to be? Then you need to take this all new seven-week course from New Brunswick newcomer Adam Weaver. He will lead you through all of the steps needed to create your very own, one of a kind Wooden Spoons, Spatulas and Spurtles, Kuksa (Traditional Scandinavian Drinking Cup) and Wood Spirit/Walking Sticks while learning about proper tools, techniques, and finishing details. This class is sure to fill up fast!

MATERIAL COSTS: $55.00 | Plus a tool rental fee $25.00


Introduction to Adobe Lightroom – Sara Bakker
Mondays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 11

Adobe Lightroom is seen as the industry standard for editing software when it comes to photography, but getting started can be intimidating! We will start with the basics and move through each module in Lightroom one step at a time. We will be building a catalogue, importing and exporting photos, and learn how to use the extensive and wonderful editing tools available within Lightroom. Over the 7 weeks participants will become confident photo editors!

MATERIAL COST: Please bring RAW Files (.NEF, .RAF, .CR2/W, .DNG formats) and a Portable Hard Drive for image and catalogue storage.


Real Life Prints – Dark Room Explorations – Karen Ruet
Wednesdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 13

Come into the dark at The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design with instructor Karen Ruet (roo-ay) and create some Real Life Prints. Bring existing negatives from your archive, or come prepared to shoot some film to create new works. Karen will walk you through the process of enlarging negatives to create beautiful rich and tonal archival black and white prints in the dark room. Create lasting memories that you can frame or matt for you to enjoy for years to come.


Painting People and Places – Jared Peters
Tuesdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 12

Painting People and Places is a 7-week course designed to equip students with some of the techniques, practices, formal ideas, and conceptual concerns of realist painting. Using acrylic paint (with forays into oil), the course will strive to give students the skills, ideas, and confidence to make painting a serious, enjoyable, and thoughtful practice of self-expression. Weekly sessions will begin with a quick slideshow presentation and discussion about many of the themes, ideas, and strategies that inform art history and contemporary painting practices.



Batik it! – Kent Jensen
Tuesdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 12

Welcome the wonderful world of batik – a colourful textile dyeing process that uses wax and dyes to hand paint one-of-a-kind designs! This course will begin painting with an introduction to wax (bees, soy, candle etc.). Exploring different medias, dyes and colour combinations and how they work on a range of different materials. We will be drawing with bold outline to create wonderful imagery that spring to life with the ancient art of batik.


Introduction to Weaving – Kim Bent

Tuesdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 12

In this 7-week course Kim will take you through all the steps of weaving on a floor loom - from measuring your warp threads to cutting your first project off the loom. She will guide you through the vocabulary of weaving and you will go home with your own hand woven scarf, shawl, or pair of tea towels. The creative choices will be up to you. A love of yarn is encouraged but no weaving experience is necessary!

MATERIAL COST: $50.00+ (Depending on size of project)


Wet Felted Whimsical Toys, Purses and Hats – Tina Sharapova
Wednesdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 13

Learn the basics of wet felting in 3D with Tina Sharapova. In this workshop you will be creating whimsical toys, functional purses and wonderful wearable hats. This course will be colourful, practical and sometimes even funny! Students can choose their difficulty level based on their experience. Each of the projects will be flexible and adaptable to your learning. Get sudsy and dive in to complex felted structures and forms.



A Practical Approach to Graphic Design – Olivia Parker
Wednesdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 13

In this course, UNB and Ryerson graduate Olivia Parker will teach you how to utilize and understand the tools of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create a variety of print-ready documents. Olivia, a print specialist, will introduce you to some of the tips and tricks of the trade including: basic graphic design skills and terminology, where to find copyright free photos, and how to create the pieces that will define your brand. If you’ve ever wanted to edit photos, create a logo, design a postcard or brochure, then this is the class for you. In an age of self-marketing and self-promotion this course in priceless!

MATERIAL COST: $20.00 (Please bring, USB/External Hard Drive, personal content to work on ie: text, pictures, photos, drawings, and a notebook.)


Introduction to Digital Painting – Kirsten Stackhouse
Thursdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 14

Digital Painting is a goliath in the entertainment industry. Whether your interests are in comics, character drawing, concept art, or animation, you’ll want to learn how to paint digitally. In this 7-week course with illustrator and graphic designer Kirsten Stackhouse, you’ll learn how to use painting software and how to paint and draw on a tablet. You’ll tackle creative challenges in a group environment, receiving valuable feedback as you go. You’ll learn the full process of how to create digital paintings: planning your piece out, brush techniques, composition, mixing and layering colour, creating dynamic lighting effects, advanced texturing, and much more. If you are looking to develop a digital painting style that is all your own - don’t miss out on this exciting course!

MATERIAL COSTS: Students are required to bring a USB stick.


Intermediate Ceramics – Jess Kelly | FULL
Wednesdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 13

Do you have prior ceramics experience? This class enables you to expand your knowledge in pottery and practice new ceramic techniques. Focus will be placed on increasing wheel throwing and trimming methods and may also include decorating skills. You will learn to attach and build by hand in a way that is enjoyable and fun. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to work with local artist Jess Kelly and nurture your inner potter.

MATERIAL COST: $40.00-$45.00 (approximate price per box of clay. One-two boxes may be necessary)


Introduction to Ceramics – Leigh Merrit | FULL
Thursdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 14

Do you have little to no experience in pottery? Do you want to learn the basics in an enriching and stimulating environment? Then you need to sign up for classes with the wonderful Leigh Merritt! Beginner throwing techniques, centering and trimming will be covered while working hands on with a genuine potter’s wheel. This timeless craft will be discussed in an intimate and small class environment where imagination abounds. Leigh will even show you how to decorate your finished pieces, making them unique and truly yours. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

MATERIAL COST: $60.00 (2 boxes of clay, an old apron, towel and intro pottery kit)

7 WEEK COURSE (Twice a week) 



Traditional Mask Carving – Justin Sappier & Timothy Jones | FULL
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 PM – 9 PM | Starts February 12

There is nothing like the sound of a sharp chisel cutting into a fresh piece of Atlantic wood, nor the smell of fresh wood chips scattered beneath your feet. If this makes you want to try woodcarving then we have the class for you! Timothy Jones and Justin Sappier will teach you the skills needed to carve your very own mask. Guided supervision and support helps you understand the tools and different types of wood. For centuries people around the world have been fascinated with how a raw piece of wood can be transformed into something imaginative and beautiful. You won’t want to miss out on this class!

MATERIAL COST: $35.00 - $50.00


“My instructor was very knowledgeable, always ready to help when needed and answer any questions myself or my fellow students needed”
Introductory Ceramics with Jessica Kelly

 “Thank you Anna for such a wonderful experience, I learned so much!”
Wet Felting with Anna Mathis

 “Your classes opened the door… to the wonderful world that is NBCCD…Thank you”
 You Can Draw Anything with Marcus Kingston

 “The school was welcoming and inviting. I was scared to go to art school as a young adult, but NBCCD has opened my eyes to a future life in the arts, Thank you!”
Mixed Media Exploration with Ron Leger



Be a part of the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design’s exciting collaboration with Kings Landing!



We are offering hands-on half day and full day workshops at Kings Landing on weekends June through September. Last year we offered a fun filled season of workshops ranging from Natural Dyes to Wild Edible Plant Identification, Natural Light Photography, Basket Weaving and more! This exciting Summer Workshop Series combine’s traditional craft with modern techniques, crossing multiple disciplines, come try your hands at something new, or maybe something old!

To apply to teach with us go to “Instructor applications” in the drop down menu.

Workshop Registrations Open May 1st 2019

Click here to register for courses.



Deadline to apply to be an Instructor: April 15th

By building on the success of our debut last year, we are pleased to once again offer artist residencies for the summer at Hoyt Place. The residency will provide emerging, mid-career, or established artist, craftspeople in all stages with a studio space to pursue their creative works! Participants will have access to the beautiful historical village as well as the permanent collection during their stay and will be encouraged to connect their project ideas with the community and inspiring living history that surrounds them.

Click here to learn more or to apply to our Residency Program.




Join the NBCCD Facebook page: Facebook.com/nbccd or follow us on instagram @nbccdlive  for the latest on exciting events, speakers and classes happening at the college.


If your company or organization is interested in booking a private group course as a team building or fun group experience for friends as co-workers, please contact Marcus Kingston either by email  marcus.kingston@gnb.ca or phone at (506) 440-4263.


A full refund will be issued if requested, within five business days prior to the first day of class. A prorated refund will be issued in the event of a withdrawal due to medical reasons. The prorated amount will be refunded to the portion of the course not yet completed after the request to withdrawal has been received. In the event of a prorated refund, tuition will be divided by the total number of course hours, times the number of course hours not yet completed.

All courses are conditional on environment. If a course is cancelled, a 100% refund will be issued, or you may choose to register in another course that is being offered, provided the class is not full. All students will be contacted if a course is cancelled.


If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, or another unfortunate circumstance, every attempt will be made to notify participants in advance. Participants will be notified of the rescheduled class time during their next session, or by phone or email.


Parking for courses offered at the college follows city of Fredericton parking by-laws. There is no charge for public parking in the downtown area after 5 p.m. on weekdays.

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