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Have you ever wanted to break free from your everyday life? Do you dream of engaging with creative and likeminded individuals in an open and friendly environment? Well, here at NBCCD, we take your ‘free’ time extremely seriously. Each and every day we inspire, motivate, challenge and teach our students everything they need to know about the art of Fine Craft and Design. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes, knowledgeable instructors and the close-knit community we’ve been fostering here for over 75 years! This fall, take a ‘Leap’ with NBCCD and begin your career as a leisure student, part-time student, or even go all the way and enrol full time. If it’s art for Leisure you crave, or something more permanent, we can make it happen.

LEAP courses offer individuals and groups the chance to partake in a diverse range of artistic mediums and experiences. All of our course offerings spotlight hands-on learning with the opportunity for self-expression and individuality. Your interest and enthusiasm are all that is required!

All LEAP instructors are talented artists who want to share their knowledge and expertise with you! Each course has been specially designed to encourage your creative thinking and to help you put those thoughts into artistic practice. You will love the imaginative and unique environment the College offers. Classes are small, interactive and incredibly social.

Interested in finding out more?
Contact: Anna Mathis, LEAP Coordinator | (506) 461-4020 or nbccdleap@gnb.ca.

Become an Instructor!


Fall | October 15th – November 28th 2019
Applications due August 9th 2019

The NB College of Craft & Design is seeking passionate instructors for our Fall LEAP Course series. Beginning mid-October we offer 7-week night courses from 6 pm to 9 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesday or Thursdays as well as 1 or 2 day weekend workshops throughout the fall. With fantastic facilities, a hands on learning environment and small classes sizes we are seeking fresh ideas to entice experienced and beginner learners to take the leap!

Instructors will receive $34/h with a $50 materials fee or our 7-week courses, $25 materials fee for 1 - 2 day workshops. Each course can have an additional associated material fee that will be paid by the participants to the instructor the day of the course.

Applications for winter due November 8th 2019



Summer | June 15th – October 8th
Applications due April 8th, 2019.

The New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (NBCCD) is seeking passionate instructors to teach hands-on workshops at the Kings Landing Historical Settlement on weekends June through September. Last year we offered a fun filled season of workshops ranging from Natural Dyes to Wild Edible Plant Identification, Natural Light Photography, Basket Weaving and more!  This exciting Summer Workshop Series combines traditional craft with modern techniques, crossing multiple disciplines in half day and full day workshops.

These workshops take place in Kings Landings Historical settlement; the amenities that the facilities offer are quite simple. We can provide tables, chairs, access to a container with water, and a single electrical outlet. It is the instructor’s responsibility to supply all other equipment required for the workshop.

Instructors will receive $34/h as well as a $25 material fee for samples and demonstration materials used. Each course can have an additional associated material fee that will be paid by the participants to the instructor the day of the course.

Email this application to nbccdleap@gnb.ca.

Summer Leap @ Kings Landing (1/2 DAY WORKSHOPS)



Foraging Food, Medicine & Folklore – Adam Weaver
Sunday July 7th (August 4th) 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

This course is happening twice indicate at checkout which dates you will be attending: Either Sunday, July 7th and/or August 4th, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The ability to identify the plants that grow all around us is quickly becoming a lost art. Keep the tradition alive and spend the day learning to identify those plants that you subconsciously see every day. You might be surprised to learn that these very plants are a valuable source of nutrition or medicine! After a walk through the beautiful Kings Landing Settlement, we will sit back and sip a 'wild tea' from a variety of plants we have collected. This course is being offered in both July and August, and the plants discussed will depend on what is in season so they may be two very different walks!



Lumen Printing with Nature – Sara Bakker
Sunday July 27th 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Lumen Printing is debatably one of the first instances of people using a photographic technique to capture the world around them. It is a simple process in which we lay objects on photographic paper and let them expose to the sun. After a while, we are left with a stunning image created with and by nature. Historically, botanists used this as a way to capture their findings without the need to sketch them, as a quick reference for later. We can embrace the simplicity of this practice or we can gather multiple items to create stunning composite images. There will be some downtime while we wait for our prints to expose so please bring your camera (digital, or analog) and we can take that time to photograph some specimens for comparison. Kings Landing offers a plethora of beautiful specimens we can use to create beautiful one of a kind prints.

MATERIAL COST: $25.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop.

Summer Leap @ Kings Landing (1 DAY WORKSHOPS)



Intro to Tapestry Weaving – Karen Leblanc
Saturday June 29th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Working with a small picture frame that is pre-warped, participants with play with the threads to create their own free-form woven art! Some of the frames may be painted in bright colours while others may be natural wood. In this introduction to tapestry weaving participants will get to select a variety of yarns, textures, fibres and/or found items from mother earth to use in the weft. You’ll leave with a piece of woven art that is already framed and ready to hang or give as a beautiful hand-made gift!

MATERIAL COST: $10.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop. Students can bring scissors, pencil, paper, a black marker, and a fork. If they have specialty yarns they want to use, they are invited to bring them along to incorporate in the weaving.


Hands-on Linocut Print Making – Kirsten Stackhouse
Saturday July 6th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

In this fun full-day workshop, participants will plan, sketch, hand-carve a rubber block, and print their original designs using traditional printmaking methods! We will learn about and explore the tools, inks, and paper used in the process. We will experiment using single and multiple colour processes, and explore positive and negative space as we dive back in time with relief printing techniques. At the end of the day, each participant will leave with multiple finished prints in a variety of colourways and their own carved block, which can be reused to create more at home.

MATERIAL COST: $15.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop.


Talisman Folk Dolls – Tina Sharapova
Saturday July 13th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Talisman or protection dolls were popular in many cultures and Tina Sharapova will show you how to make your own talisman doll for good luck, wealth and prosperity. You will work with scraps of fabric; recycled materials and grains, creating unique dolls that will bring you joy. Talisman dolls can be a perfect gift for friends and family, especially when created with love and affection.

MATERIAL COST: $5.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop, participants are also encouraged to bring fabric scraps, but there will also be some provided.


Natural Light Photography – Sara Bakker
Sunday July 20th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

This Natural Light workshop is a wonderful introduction into the world of photography! Learn how to capture a moment using the basic elements around you. Grab your camera and get shooting! We will discuss how light helps our creative vision and we will examine techniques and create tools to help control natural light. This workshop takes place at the beautiful Kings Landing Historical Settlement giving participants a unique and inspiring backdrop to practice in.

MATERIAL COST: There is no material fee for this course but participants are required to bring a camera, DSLR and mirrorless preferred, extra memory cards, and a charged pack of batteries.


The Art of Victorian Crochet – Cynthia Wallace-Casey
Sunday July 28th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

In this workshop participants will explore women's history and the 19th-century tradition of preparing a marriage trousseau, while examining and discussing the textile collections of Kings Landing. Participants will be guided in creating a decorative crochet piece, as well as understanding the fundamentals of crochet design. Stretch your hand across time to take up the craft of your great grandmothers, and learn the skill of decorative crocheting. We will focus upon the traditional content of a woman's marriage trousseau (or hope chest), and thus how textiles such as pillowcases, handkerchiefs, and fabric scraps can be "fancified" through decorative crochet.

MATERIAL COST: $25.00 please bring a camera, flashlight (for visiting the archives) and good walking shoes. Crochet hooks and yarn will be supplied.


Painting with Natural Dyes – Renata Britez
Saturday August 3rd 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

In this full-day course, we will be creating natural extracts from local plants and applying them onto cloth and paper. Some knowledge of natural dyes is encouraged. In this course, we will learn the proper methods for achieving wash and lightfast results with natural dyes, and learn tips and tricks for using natural thickeners and resists to enhance our designs. Throughout the day we will be outlining the whole process from plant to ink matter, and participants will work on various samples using paper and assorted fabrics. There will also be informational handouts outlining natural dye painting ink recipes to recreate this beautiful art at home and a small kit for you try it out on your own!

MATERIAL COST: $25.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop.


Design and Print - Block Printing on Fabric – Alissa Kloet
Saturday August 10th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Learn to print your own fabric! In this full-day workshop, Alissa Kloet will guide you through the process of creating a two colour design to block print onto fabric. Participants will design and print their own blocks to make a set of tea towels. During the first part of the morning, we will talk about elements of design like visual rhythm, scale and movement before letting our creativity free. Tips on how to cut the lino block and best practices for printing will also be discussed. You will leave this class with two finished tea towels as well as a block printing kit including your carved lino block and a carving tool.

MATERIAL COST: $30.00 to be paid to the instructor the day of the workshop.


Intro to Plein Air Watercolour – Marla Lesage
Saturday September 7th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Learn the basics of watercolour while enjoying the great outdoors. We will warm-up in the morning with exercises to get us seeing like an artist. We will explore basic watercolour techniques and complete a guided painting. After lunch participants will plan and paint a composition of their own. In the case of inclement weather, we will paint from a sheltered location or indoors.

MATERIAL COST: There is no material fee for this course. Participants are asked to bring a light-portable chair or stool (there are chairs available on site, however, if you have your own you are welcome to bring it along) a travel watercolour palette, 2 - 4 brushes, a small container of water, watercolour paper or block, a pencil & notepad or scrap paper. For any questions regarding materials contact Marla at marlalesage@yahoo.com.


Zen and The Art of Spoon Carving – Adam Weaver
Sunday September 8th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Come and learn how to carve your very own wooden spoon in this intensive full-day workshop with Adam Weaver. We will cover wood types, carving techniques, and safety practices, and have you well on your way to carving anything you could possibly want! We use traditional carving methods, such as carving axes, sloyd knives and crook knives. This is a very meditative craft and after carving your first spoon you will be sure to be hooked!

MATERIAL COST: $20.00 to be paid to the instructor the day of the workshop.


Painted Paper Collage – Katrina Slade
Saturday September 28th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Throughout this full-day workshop, participants will be guided through a creative process using watercolours and collage techniques. Explore the natural world in this fun workshop designed for all levels. Drawing upon nature as inspiration, participants will learn how to mix colours and create textures using various watercolour techniques. Creativity and individuality are encouraged to create an intuitive composition using collage techniques. The final result will be a truly unique painted paper collage artwork.

MATERIAL COST: $15.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop.


Summer Leap @ Kings Landing (2 DAY WORKSHOPS)



Sashiko & Shibori – Kate Ward
Saturday and Sunday August 17th – 18th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

This weekend workshop focuses on natural indigo dye, hand stitching, and mending. Over the weekend participants will discover the magic of indigo, shibori, and sashiko. On the first day, we immerse ourselves in the art of shibori, where the cloth is bound, wrapped, stitched and clamped to create patterns on fabric dipped in a natural indigo dye vat. On the second day, we learn Sashiko embroidery, a Japanese textile mending and reinforcing technique involving a simple running stitch that creates beautiful yet practical embellishments used to mend clothes while also adding meaning and mindfulness to our work.

MATERIAL COST: $80.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop. This includes fabric (cotton, linen, silk), sashiko threads and needles, fabric marking pens, contained within a cloth bag. At the end of the workshop participants will leave with a variety of different shibori patterns, a binder of notes on how to do the different dye and stitch techniques, a sampler of sashiko stitches and potentially a finished artwork incorporating the shibori and sashiko stitches.


Introduction to Rug Hooking – Joanna Close
Saturday and Sunday August 24th – 25th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

In this exciting workshop participants will learn the historic craft of rug hooking with wool! We will discuss the history and the method for creating rugs and other items, as well as traditional patterning. Participants will complete a small piece, a 10” circle or a square. They will have assistance in creating a design within that chosen shape. The first day of the course will focus on learning about rug hooking and creating a design and the second day will consist of learning how to rug hook with wool!

MATERIAL COST: $30.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop.


Intermediate Photography @ Kings Landing – Gary Weeks
Saturday and Sunday September 14th – 15th   10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

During this 2-day course, participants will be guided on a journey to capture the beautiful world of Kings Landing from all angles! Instructor Gary Weekes will cover the worlds of Macro Photography, Portraiture and Landscape Photography. We will learn how to compose, connect and photograph individuals and the environment and together we will produce images detailing the history and splendor of a bygone age.

MATERIAL COST: $10.00, please bring Cameras, Lenses, Filters, Tripods, and Battery Operated Lighting.


Hooking the Past: Intermediate Rug Hooking – Mary Grant
Saturday and Sunday September 21st – 22nd 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Remember those chair pads on your Grandmother’s wooden chairs? Connect with your heritage or learn about early settlers in the Maritimes. During this 2-day course, participants will be exploring primitive hooking and 3-value shading. The use of recycled and new wool will be learned and how to distinguish between them. Following in the tradition of the settlers, who created what they needed out of what they had, participants will learn how to use the rug hooking to produce a chair pad, a hot mat or a pillow top. They will take part in preserving the history of traditional rug hooking in New Brunswick.

A variety of new designs based on traditional ones will be available in kit form. Each kit will include a linen or burlap backing with the pattern drawn on, wool fabric strips sufficient to complete the pattern, yarn and a sample piece for practicing finishing techniques, sufficient yarn to whip the edging and instructions on how to finish the chair pad for use. Instructions will also include methods for finishing the chair pad in an alternate fashion such as a pillow or hot mat.

MATERIAL COST: $55 payable to the instructor the day of the course. Frames, wool cutters, scissors, hooks, pins, and blunt needles may be borrowed from the instructor; however, participants are encouraged to bring their own hooking frame and implements.

Summer Leap @ Kings Landing(5 DAY WORKSHOPS)

5 DAY WORKSHOP |  $425 + HST (five 6 HOUR CLASSes through the week.)


Willow Weaving Course – Tadeusz Pieta
Saturday to Wednesday June 22nd – 26th 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Welcome visiting Master Weavers Tadeusz Pieta and Krzysztof Pierzynski all the way from Poznan, Poland! This special 5-day workshop will cater to a range of skills; discussing tools of the trade, how to prepare the materials, as well as traditional techniques and their uses. This course welcomes intermediate and beginner weavers to be taught together, to learn from one another and to encourage a variety of projects for each skill level.

For beginners, we will be learning techniques such as creating a handle and brim as well as exploring round bottom basketry and how to create smaller decorative forms to use up shorter pieces that may be left over.

For intermediate weavers, we will be making baskets that require a bit more expertise; pushing and expanding your skill level. We will try working with an oval bottom, learn how to create different shapes, and if there is time show how to use openwork weave in a basket.

Tadeausz will be the primary instructor while Krystztof will be working nearby welding and weaving a larger than life Canadian moose! Join us at Kings Landing for a fantastic week of willow basketry!

In this course participants will go home with 2 medium sized baskets - this is flexible depending on the scale of chosen projects and ability.

MATERIAL COSTS: $75.00 | Please also bring a pair of pruning shears, and an awl (if available).

INSTRUCTORS & VISITING ARTISTS: Tadeusz Pieta and Krzysztof Pierzynski

We are pleased to announce that Tadeusz Pieta and Krzysztof Pierzynski will be in Fredericton to teach two willow basket-making courses this summer. Both artists hold Masters Certificates in willow basketry in Poland and have won many awards and participated in national and international competitions.

Summer Leap @ Kings Landing FAQs



What do I need to bring to the course?

Please check the description above for material fee and additional items to bring. Material fee will need to be in cash to be paid to the instructor the day of the course. Many of these workshops take place outside or at least require walking to the Summer Stage where our events are held. Please dress for the weather, we encourage you to bring along a water bottle and paper bag lunch.


What's the refund policy?

Attendees can receive full refunds up to 7 days before your events start date. After that, a special request will need to be made to the organizer.

Upon cancellation of the workshops due to low enrolment or extenuating circumstance a refund will be granted, Eventbrite will retain processing fees.


Where is the workshop taking place?

At Kings Landing, on the Summer Stage behind the Hagerman House. Please sign in at the Welcome Center, with your printed ticket, and they will give you a pass into the site and a map with directions. Never been to Kings Landing before? Learn more here.


Will I have access to the Kings Landing park with the purchase of my ticket?

No, if you wish to visit Kings Landing outside of the workshop times you will be required to purchase a pass for more information visit http://kingslanding.nb.ca/hours-and-prices/


Is there food available for purchase on site?

Yes, there is the Ploughman's cafe located in the Welcome Center as well as the Acorn restaurant a short 2 min drive across the highway from Kings Landing. Although we highly encourage a paper bag lunch to maximize instruction time each full day course has a ½ hour for lunch built in.



“My instructor was very knowledgeable, always ready to help when needed and answer any questions myself or my fellow students needed”
Introductory Ceramics with Jessica Kelly

 “Thank you Anna for such a wonderful experience, I learned so much!”
Wet Felting with Anna Mathis

 “Your classes opened the door… to the wonderful world that is NBCCD…Thank you”
 You Can Draw Anything with Marcus Kingston

 “The school was welcoming and inviting. I was scared to go to art school as a young adult, but NBCCD has opened my eyes to a future life in the arts, Thank you!”
Mixed Media Exploration with Ron Leger


Kings Landing Partnership

Be a part of the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design’s exciting collaboration with Kings Landing!



We are offering hands-on half day and full day workshops at Kings Landing on weekends June through September. Last year we offered a fun filled season of workshops ranging from Natural Dyes to Wild Edible Plant Identification, Natural Light Photography, Basket Weaving and more! This exciting Summer Workshop Series combine’s traditional craft with modern techniques, crossing multiple disciplines, come try your hands at something new, or maybe something old!

To apply to teach with us go to “Instructor applications” in the drop down menu.

Workshop Registrations Open May 1st 2019

Click here to register for courses.



Deadline to apply to be an Instructor: April 15th

By building on the success of our debut last year, we are pleased to once again offer artist residencies for the summer at Hoyt Place. The residency will provide emerging, mid-career, or established artist, craftspeople in all stages with a studio space to pursue their creative works! Participants will have access to the beautiful historical village as well as the permanent collection during their stay and will be encouraged to connect their project ideas with the community and inspiring living history that surrounds them.

Click here to learn more or to apply to our Residency Program.

Prices & Guidelines



Join the NBCCD Facebook page: Facebook.com/nbccd or follow us on instagram @nbccdlive  for the latest on exciting events, speakers and classes happening at the college.


If your company or organization is interested in booking a private group course as a team building or fun group experience for friends as co-workers, please contact Marcus Kingston either by email  marcus.kingston@gnb.ca or phone at (506) 440-4263.


A full refund will be issued if requested, within five business days prior to the first day of class. A prorated refund will be issued in the event of a withdrawal due to medical reasons. The prorated amount will be refunded to the portion of the course not yet completed after the request to withdrawal has been received. In the event of a prorated refund, tuition will be divided by the total number of course hours, times the number of course hours not yet completed.

All courses are conditional on environment. If a course is cancelled, a 100% refund will be issued, or you may choose to register in another course that is being offered, provided the class is not full. All students will be contacted if a course is cancelled.


If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, or another unfortunate circumstance, every attempt will be made to notify participants in advance. Participants will be notified of the rescheduled class time during their next session, or by phone or email.


Parking for courses offered at the college follows city of Fredericton parking by-laws. There is no charge for public parking in the downtown area after 5 p.m. on weekdays.

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