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Have you ever wanted to break free from your everyday life? Do you dream of engaging with creative and likeminded individuals in an open and friendly environment? Well, here at NBCCD, we take your ‘free’ time extremely seriously. Each and every day we inspire, motivate, challenge and teach our students everything they need to know about the art of Fine Craft and Design. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes, knowledgeable instructors and the close-knit community we’ve been fostering here for over 75 years! This fall, take a ‘Leap’ with NBCCD and begin your career as a leisure student, part-time student, or even go all the way and enrol full time. If it’s art for Leisure you crave, or something more permanent, we can make it happen.

LEAP courses offer individuals and groups the chance to partake in a diverse range of artistic mediums and experiences. All of our course offerings spotlight hands-on learning with the opportunity for self-expression and individuality. Your interest and enthusiasm are all that is required!

All LEAP instructors are talented artists who want to share their knowledge and expertise with you! Each course has been specially designed to encourage your creative thinking and to help you put those thoughts into artistic practice. You will love the imaginative and unique environment the College offers. Classes are small, interactive and incredibly social.

*Mask Making not included.

Call to Register: (506) 453-2566

Interested in finding out more?
Contact: Marcus Kingston, LEAP Coordinator, (506) 440-4263, marcus.kingston@gnb.ca




“My instructor was very knowledgeable, always ready to help when needed and answer any questions myself or my fellow students needed” – Introductory Ceramics with Jessica Kelly

 “Thank you Anna for such a wonderful experience, I learned so much!” – Wet Felting with Anna Mathis

 “Your classes opened the door… to the wonderful world that is NBCCD…Thank you” – You Can Draw Anything with Marcus Kingston

 “The school was welcoming and inviting. I was scared to go to art school as a young adult, but NBCCD has opened my eyes to a future life in the arts, Thank you!” – Mixed Media Exploration with Ron Leger


Learn about our newest LEAP program, hosted at Kings Landing. 

September 15th – November 22nd


ONE DAY WORKSHOPS |  $55 + HST (one 6 hour class on a Saturday or Sunday)

‘The Lost Art of Calligraphy and Penmanship’ – Marcus Kingston
Saturday November 24th 9-4

In today’s world of text messages, emails and high speed, wouldn’t it be great to ‘slow down’? In this one day workshop, artist Marcus Kingston will transport you back in time to an age when pen met paper daily and the art of penmanship was as important as how to tie your own shoes. You will explore the art of calligraphy and penmanship while using professional grade nibs, pens, inks and paper. Have you ever wanted to know the techniques behind some of the most beautiful scripts in the world? Are you curious how to make your words and letters show emotion and thought? Then sign up today! No experience necessary, however a general knowledge of cursive writing is recommended.

MATERIAL COST: $10.00 (Payable the day of the workshop) 


“The Creative Word” - Fall Workshop – Biff Mitchell
 Sunday October 14th 9-4

Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Or a compelling article for LinkedIn or your blog? A poem? A short story? A proposal for your business? If you answered yes to any of these then you will want to check out this class. This one day workshop prepares you for just about anything you want to write. You'll learn how to take the germ of an idea and flesh it out into something exciting and well-rounded. You'll learn how to break through writers block and organize your writing into a logical and concise piece, that communicates your ideas clearly. You'll also learn how to overcome your fear of expressing yourself through words. No experience is necessary!

Materials: Please bring a laptop, paper, and pencils &/or pens.


TWO DAY WORKSHOPS | $110 + HST (Two 5hr classes, either Saturday/Sunday or Saturday/Saturday)

Photo Transferring – Marcus Kingston
Saturday/Sunday November 3rd & 4th 9-4

Do you have a box filled with old pictures that is just collecting dust? Would you like to do something creative and meaningful with those old photos? In this two day workshop, NBCCD instructor Marcus Kingston will teach you how to transfer those important images onto a variety of mediums such as wood, printmaking papers, cloth, and canvas. You will then be able to age or embellish your pieces with a variety of paints, inks and stains and mixed media collage options.

MATERIAL COST: $35.00 for individual and group supplies. Please bring with you all images that you would like to work with. Students will have use of a scanner and copier.


“Print IT! Weekend Edition” – Kent Jensen | FULL
Saturday Oct 13th 9-4 & Saturday October 27th 9-4

In this two day workshop, textile designer Kent Jensen will be opening up NBCCD’s Surface Design studio to show students the funky and colourful world of creative printing. Participants will acquire a basic hands on understanding of the silk screening process through making silk screens, crafting a painterly print, creating a cut out print, test prints and working hands on with their instructor and materials. Students will be printing on their choice of T’s or Totes. You won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to “Print IT!”

MATERIAL COST: $25.50 per Saturday $51.00 in total.


Fashion Creativity Fall Workshop – Tracy Austin
Saturday/Sunday September 29th & 30th

Have you ever wanted to design your own personal style? This two–day workshop with NBCCD Fashion Grad Tracy Austin, will help you find your personal style, whether it is for your use or for the fashion industry. This valuable information can be used to help develop concepts for casual life, ready to wear, couture fashion or even costume. Students will dive into examining fabrics, colours, and existing styles, while learning to make mood boards, fashion illustrations and Croquis. You won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity.

MATERIAL COSTS: $20.00 (Please bring printing images from magazines or books that show your personal style and taste)


Rigid Heddle Weaving – Anna Mathis
Saturday November 3rd 9-4 & Saturday November 10th 9-4

Have you ever wanted to learn how to weave? Are you someone who is reluctant to commit to a seven-week course? Well in this new two day workshop textile artist Anna Mathis will help you experience this historic craft first hand by designing and setting up a rigid heddle loom and creating a personalized hand woven scarf! Looms and tools will be provided for this weaving introduction, so all you need to bring is yourself!

MATERIAL COST:  $45.00 (Estimated)


7 WEEK COURSES  | $175 + HST (one 3 hour class per week for 7 weeks)

You Can Draw Anything – Beginner to Intermediate – Marcus Kingston
Tuesdays 6-9 | Starts October 9th

You Can Draw Anything is back! Are you a beginner or intermediate drawer? Do you have a desire to learn new and interesting techniques in an interactive group environment? Then Marcus wants you! “You Can Draw Anything” will aid in making you a more confident and knowledgeable visual artist. Drawing from life and drawing from source imagery will be looked at with focus placed on sighting, mapping, measuring, linear, intuitive and atmospheric perspective, value, shading, portraiture, landscapes, still life and drawing from your imagination. Vivid colors and textures will also be worked into various pieces. Don’t miss out on this popular course!

MATERIAL COST: $20-$25 (Depending on the variety of papers and mediums used)


Canoe Paddle Making – Tim Jones and Justin Sappier (two 3 hour class per week for 7 weeks) | FULL
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-9 | Starts October 9th | Please note that this course is $275 + HST.

This course will teach you how to make your very own canoe paddle(s) from start to finish. If you are looking to make a ready to use canoe paddle or a decorative wall mounted paddle this course is for you! You will learn two different styles of creating, the first way is by using a shaving horse and draw blade; the second way is shown with modern machinery. In addition you will learn different applications and design techniques to enhance the look of your paddles. If you’ve ever wanted to work with your hands, then this is the class for you.



Intermediate Jewellery – Kristianne Levesque
Wednesdays 6-9 | 
Starts October 10th

 Have you dreamed of working in a genuine jewellers studio? Have you always wanted to work hands on with other creative individuals and instructors? Then you need to quickly sign up for this amazing seven-week experience with the fabulous Kristianne. Students will learn the technique of stone setting. Students will learn how to build either a beautiful ring or unique pendant with a stone setting. Techniques such as shaping, measuring, soldering and cleaning will also be taught in this fantastic course.

MATERIAL COST: $50.00-$100.00 (Approximate cost for basic materials. Additional materials may be needed based on what you decide to create)


Intermediate Ceramics – Chris Colwell | FULL
Tuesdays 6-9 | Starts October 9th

 Do you have prior ceramics experience? This class enables you to expand your knowledge in pottery and practice new ceramic techniques. Focus will be placed on increasing wheel throwing and trimming methods and may also include decorating skills. You will learn to attach and build by hand in a way that is enjoyable and fun. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to work with local artist Chris Colwell and nurture your inner potter.

MATERIAL COST: $40.00-$45.00 (approximate price per box of clay. One-two boxes may be necessary)


Introductory Ceramics – Jessica Kelly | FULL
Wednesdays 6-9  | Starts September 19

Do you have little to no experience in pottery? Do you want to learn the basics in an enriching and stimulating environment? Then you need to sign up with the wonderful Jessica Kelly! Beginner throwing techniques, centering and trimming will be covered while working hands on with a genuine potter’s wheel. This timeless craft will be discussed in an intimate and small class situation where imagination abounds. Jessica will even show you how to decorate your finished pieces, making them unique and truly yours. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

MATERIAL COST: $60.00 (2 boxes of clay, an old apron, towel and intro pottery kit)


Introduction to Painting – Jared Peters
Mondays 6-9 | Starts October 15th

This course will serve as an introduction to the tools, materials, techniques and methods of painting. Using acrylic paints, the course will explore this vibrant and dynamic medium through the investigation of still-life compositions, landscapes, portraiture and the human figure as well as abstraction. This seven-week class will help students with palette preparation, colour mixing/theory, under-painting, composition and a variety of other tips and techniques. You won’t want to miss out on this one of a kind course with talented NSCAD grad Jared Peters.



Introduction to Digital Photography & Natural Light – Sara Bakker
Mondays 6-9 | Starts October 15th

This course is designed to familiarize you and your camera. Giving your the opportunity to understand basic camera functions like shutter speed and aperture, how different lens focal lengths affect your images and photographic and compositional tools and techniques. As well we will Be learning how to use natural light to light our images. This course will include in class demonstrations, hands on activities including at least one shoot with local models, and a review of work by yourselves (if you'd like to share) and by well known photographers of past a present.

Equipment Requirements: DSLR or Mirrorless Camera,  Memory cards

Natural Dyes for Knitters and Sewers – An Exploration in Natural Dyes – Anna Mathis
Wednesdays 6-9 | Starts October 10th

Connect with historical traditions from all over the world as we discover the shades, hues, and colours of natural dyes! This wonderful seven-week course will be jam packed with colourful chemistry; we will be exploring mordants, the fascinating pink and purple hues of Brazil wood, and experimenting with colours you can find in of your own backyard. Participants will be working collectively to create resources of dyeing knowledge, making and following recipes to dye samples of wool, cotton, and silk. We will be creating patterns on fabrics using Japanese Shibori techniques, and printing using flowers, bark and leaves and sewing these fabrics together to make a simple bag. We will also explore the possibilities of dyeing yarn in mason jars.

MATERIAL COST: $45.00 (Material fees could be less depending on the size of the final project)


Practical Approach to Graphic Design – Olivia Parker | FULL
Wednesdays 6-9 | Starts October 10th

In this new course, UNB and Ryerson graduate Olivia Parker will teach you how to utilize the tools of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create a variety of print ready documents. Olivia, a print specialist, will introduce you to some of the tips and tricks of the trade including: basic graphic design skills and terminology, where to find copyright free photos, and how to create the pieces that will define your brand. If you’ve ever wanted to edit photos, create a logo, design a postcard or brochure, then this is the class for you. In an age of self-marketing and self-promotion this course in priceless!

REQUIRED MATERIALS: USB/External Hard Drive, personal content to work on ie: text, pictures, photos, drawings, and a notebook.


Introduction to Digital Drawing – Kirsten Stackhouse
Mondays 6-9 | Starts October 15th

Have you ever wondered how the digital art for animated movies, comics or video games concepts is made? Have you felt transfixed and drawn in by the bright colours and smooth pixels on your screen? Then this course is for you! This 7-week course with illustrator and graphic designer Kirsten Stackhouse is an introduction to digital art, and the tools, techniques, and creative process involved with creating a digital illustration: from idea, to sketch, to a final digital painting. You will spend time tackling creative challenges, sketching, and learning basic colour theory, lighting, and composition. You will learn how to take your creation from page to screen, as we explore the Adobe Photoshop tool set and practice how to work with a drawing tablet. Discover brush techniques, layering, and a digital style that makes it your own! No previous experience with digital drawing necessary, and all drawing skill levels welcome!

MATERIAL COSTS: A rental fee of $20.00 will be paid for the rental and upkeep of digital equipment. Students are required to bring a USB stick.


“Zen and the Mystical Art of Spoon Carving” – Adam Weaver | FULL
Mondays 6-9 |  Starts October 15th

Do you love the smell of fresh cut wood? Have you ever admired utilitarian pieces of art made from wood? Are you a wood carving enthusiast? Then you need to take this all new seven-week course from New Brunswick newcomer Adam Weaver. He will lead you through all of the steps needed to create your very own, one of a kind, Wooden Spoons, Spatulas and Spurtles, Kuksa (Traditional Scandinavian Drinking Cup) a Wood Spirit/Walking Stick while learning about proper tools, techniques, and finishing details. This class is sure to fill up fast!

MATERIAL COSTS: $55.00 | Plus a tool rental fee $25.00


Take a LEAP and Register Today! Call (506) 453-2566 or toll free at 1-877-400-1107 Or pop into The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, 457 Queen Street, 2nd Floor Administration Office.

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