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NBCCD Counselling, Health, & Accessibility Services

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NBCCD Counselling and our Learning Strategist offer a variety of personal and academic support services to students. Read the full scope of practice below to direct your questions to the most suitable staff member.

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College Counselling

The College Counsellor provides confidential support services and often acts as a student advocate for students with disabilities and/or mental health, sexual health and relationship issues. The Counsellor is also your resource for career counselling and psycho-educational testing, as well as help in crisis situations and other matters affecting student life and/or academic performance.

  • The Counsellor offers free single-session or short-term confidential counselling services that are available to all full and part-time students attending NBCCD.
  • The College Counsellor is NBCCD’s main contact support person for matters of mental health, accessibility services, and overall wellness across the College community.
  • The Counsellor acts as initial, more immediate support to students in need before offering appropriate referral to services available in the community through their Student Health Plans.

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Learning Accessibility & Accommodations

NBCCD Counselling and Learning Strategist work collaboratively with students and faculty to ensure implementation of proper accommodations that provide necessary support, preserve academic integrity, and safeguard student privacy. New students requiring accessibility services should identify their needs to the Learning Strategist upon confirmation of admission. Early intervention is critical in providing a barrier-free learning environment and supporting student success.

Tutoring Services

NBCCD is pleased to offer tutoring services for all students who are interested and seeking support. Through Access and Success funding, NBCCD is able to provide up to two hours of tutoring per week in your designated studio or FVA classes. Our tutors are selected upper-year students and alumni who are well versed in the practical skills students may need assistance with; they are also able to assist with time management and study skills. Should students need support, they can reach out to the Learning Strategist or College Counsellor to set up services. The student and tutor are responsible for scheduling their own appointments. The student accessing tutoring may lose services should they not show up for their appointment without giving sufficient notice. Students with accommodations are eligible for more tutoring hours through the Canada Student Grant for Students with Disabilities.

NBCCDSA Health and Dental Plans

The NBCCD Student Association (SA) Health and Dental Plan provides extended health and dental coverage for all full-time students under the age of 65. Students must be covered under a health and dental plan while attending the College.

The NBCCCD SA health and dental plans are effective from September 1 to August 31 of each year.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the NBCCDSA health and dental plans costs are as follows:

Health $265.00

Dental $153.00

Health and Dental: $418

Opting out

If students are covered under a different plan (eg a parent’s or spouses employee plan), they will be required to opt out of the NBCCDSA plan and provide adequate proof of coverage to by the opt out deadline of September 19. If students do not opt out, they will receive coverage through the NBCCDSA (Campus Trust) and will be charged fees. Students may opt out of the health coverage, the dental coverage, or the plan in its entirety during the opt out period.

The opt out date of September 19 is strictly enforced.

For more information please contact Campus Trust at: 1(800) 563-1930

Opt out via this link:

Watch the video below to learn how to opt out!

Virtual Health Care Options at E-visit NB

See a New Brunswick nurse practitioner or doctor online. E-visit NB provides video, phone, or messaging consultation for common illnesses, injuries, and mental health concerns to all individuals with a valid New Brunswick Medicare card.


  • Virtual Care | Video, Audio, or Text Consultation for common illnesses, injuries, and mental health concerns.
  • Mental Health | Get an assessment, diagnosis, prescriptions, and counselling for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Follow-up with the clinical team for ongoing monitoring and adjustment of treatment plan.
  • 2SLGBTQIA+ Nurse Practitioner | Primary healthcare services to two-spirited, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and/or questioning, intersex, asexual individuals. Providing dignified, non-judgmental services to help clients feel better, cope better with day-to-day challenges, and address specific 2SLGBTQIA+ health care concerns.

We recognize the impact that COVID-19 has had on students at NBCCD—know that you are not alone and there is help available through the college and online resources.


Digital Therapy Services & Online Mental Health Support by MindBeacon

This is covered through your Student Health Plan.

This service is a one-stop, private space to access therapy and mental health supports. MindBeacon provides high-quality online therapy with a registered counsellor and access to a 24/7 crisis text line. Students have unlimited access to their account history including therapist messages, content, resources, and more.

This is a free service through the Government of Canada.

Wellness Together Canada ( is an evidence-based, online resource funded by the Government of Canada. It was implemented during the pandemic to address the mental health and substance use concerns of Canadians of all ages, including children. Services range from basic wellness information, to one-on-one sessions with a counsellor, to peer support, and to participating in a community of support. The site contains a wide range of tools such as videos, self-learning modules, apps to track your feelings. All are available free of charge, in English and in French. Services are private and confidential and available 24/7.



MindShift® CBT – Anxiety Canada (CBT app that provides strategies and tools for various mental health concerns)

Declutter The Mind – Free Guided Meditation App for iOS and Android (Guided Mediation App)


Yoga With Adriene – YouTube (Free online Yoga series)


Well-Being Connection • A podcast on Anchor (CMHA)

The Over|Thinking Podcast ( (CMHA)

Talking Cannabis and Mental Health with Psychotherapist Daniel Lang by Cannabis and Mental Health Podcast (

What Really Works? A Mental Health Podcast for Young People ( (CMHA)


Helpful events are coordinated throughout the year to provide mental health supports, and the tools necessary to succeed at NBCCD. Wellness is important to us, and we’re here to make your experience at NBCCD an enjoyable one. Follow us on social media to keep updated on events hosted for current students.

Student Wellness provides students with free, confidential access to a professional counsellor any time, anywhere, via phone or internet.

Staffed by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals who are experts in their fields.

Student Wellness can help you deal with a variety of topics, including healthy living, unhealthy habits, stress and resiliency, goal setting, healthy relationships, organizational tools, anger management, stress management.

Contact Student Wellness:


College Aid

Sometimes, despite the best planning, individual financial situations can change. If you are in need, the College will try to provide you with non-perishable food and hygienic supplies.

Need Guidance?

Are you a current student seeking counselling services? Visit the MY NBCCD counselling page for Frequently Asked Questions.