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The transition from High School to College is a challenge, so NBCCD has a special Dual Enrolment program to help you succeed.

Dual Enrolment is open to students entering or who are in Grade 12 and offers you the opportunity to take a course at the College. This course is credited towards your high school diploma and your 1-year Foundation Visual Arts Certificate (FVA) when you apply to NBCCD. Check with your Guidance Counsellor to see if this program is available at your school. This option is mainly applicable to students who attend high schools in close proximity to the NBCCD campus.

Interested in finding out more?

Contact: The Registrar’s Office, toll free, 1-877-400-1107 or email, nbccdregistrar@gnb.ca


Are you seeking imaginative, fresh and intriguing ways to inspire your students while exposing them to careers in art, craft and design?

The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD) is offering creative hands-on experiences to your students right in your classroom. With 10 interactive demonstrations representative of NBCCD’s programs, Recruitment/Marketing Coordinator Trudy Gallagher will make a presentation that best suits your class, curriculum, or the experience you would like your students to have.

Each session is:
FREE, and Inclusive of all materials and tools.
45 minutes long to accommodate your class time and can be increased up to 1 hour and 45 minutes;
Includes an engaging 5 minute presentation on NBCCD;
and an interactive demonstration and discussion of career options

NBCCD also offers the opportunity for students and teachers to visit and explore any of these programs at NBCCD, along with a tour of our creative classrooms.

Teachers:  Why not use your Professional Development Day and come to NBCCD? We will custom tailor our programming to fit your needs. And if you can’t come to us, we will come to you.


Let’s make a date to discover creativity, ingenuity, and passion together.



Traditional Pinch Pots

Students learn to create a clay pot with the methods used by the Aboriginal Peoples of the Atlantic Region (Maliseet, Mi’kmaq and Passamaquoddy). Students apply the ancient pinch and coil pottery techniques and etch designs of their choice onto their creations. Examples are provided. If kiln facilities are available, these pots can be dried and fired.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to create a clay pot using traditional pottery techniques with personalized etched designs.

Decorating with Sgraffito

This decorative ceramics experience is designed for schools with an electric kiln. Students learn to glaze a bisque bowl or tile and then apply a surface design or texture. The principles and elements of design are among the topics presented. The bowls or tiles remain with the teacher at their school with firing instructions. Bowls are an individual project for each student to take home while tiles can be a team project; perhaps mounted for display and discussion at your school. For the latter, it is good to have a predetermined theme with sketches.

Learning Outcomes:Students will be expected to be able to glaze and design a surface texture on ceramics with an understanding of the elements and principles of design.

*Technology not included*

Digital Media covers a wide range of career options including: web-based applications, virtual reality, animation, computer gaming, 3D printing, and audio and video production.  Your class will be visited by a digital media student, accompanied by Trudy Gallagher, to give an exciting presentation on NBCCD’s Digital Media programs. Most exciting is that the students will be able to experience a unique virtual reality!

Learning Outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to discuss and express the differences of the many areas of the digital media industry.

Mixed Media Self Portraits

Students will create a mixed-media self portrait using magazine clippings, construction paper and markers. Students will choose a theme to base their portrait on to emphasize the possibilities of communication through graphic design. Typography will be explored as well as the basic elements and principles of design.

Learning outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to create a mixed-media self portrait emphasizing communication through graphic design.

Developing Inspiration Boards for Any Design Program

Fashion designers use many tools in their creative process and often begin with an inspiration board. With scissors, magazines and sheets of cardboard, students explore and discover colour and style influences. Inspiration boards are a tool used not only in the fashion industry, but also for interior decorating, textiles design and industrial applications. 

Learning Outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to create a personalized inspiration board demonstrating colour and style influences.

Draping the Human Body

Looking specifically for a fashion experience?  Students are divided into groups of 3 or 4 with one student assigned to be the model, and the others, the designers. Using alternative materials like plastic bags, paper, drop cloths and shower curtains, students work together on a ‘look’ using an inspiration word picked at random from a button bag; for example, stripes, floral, adventurous, dramatic, fitted. Teams present their creation through a staged catwalk for discussion and celebration.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to create a specific fashion look and participate in a staged catwalk.

Using tools to create a Metal Dog Tag

Jewellery has been used for centuries as money, adornment and to show social status. Students create personalized copper pendants using hammers to explore texture and stamping on metal. Students may use additional materials to add the element of colour to their creations.  Leather cords are supplied so students can wear their creations immediately.  The design process and use of hand tools are highlighted.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to create a personalized copper pendant using hammers to texture and stamp designs on metal.

Telling a Story with a Photograph

Everyone takes pictures, but NBCCD teaches the art of taking pictures, story telling and expressing creativity through photographs. With a short PowerPoint presentation, students are introduced to taking portrait pictures that go beyond ‘selfies’ or quick snap shots. Putting life into photographs, controlling the narrative, composition and lighting are just some of the topics touched upon. Students form partners and use their own cell phones in this experience. Students are offered the opportunity to share their photographs for discussion and critique.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to take a self portrait that has good composition, lighting and expresses their personality.

Personalized T-shirts

T-Shirts are the modern wardrobe staple and have become a vehicle for personalized art statements. Students learn how to design illustrations using a Clorox bleach gel pen and vinegar on black t-shirts.  An overview of the textiles industry and career possibilities are topics of discussion. Each participant can proudly wear their creation home. Good ventilation is recommended for this activity.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to create an illustration on a t-shirt that is a personalized art statement.

Using Trash to create Treasure

At NBCCD, we regularly explore design by using alternative material such as cardboard, plastic, wire, tin, scraps and even vegetable skins amongst many others. Amateur and professional artists explore expression through using recycled materials and transforming everyday objects into art, craft and design work. With a short PowerPoint inspirational presentation, students are introduced to these techniques for their own mixed-media explorations.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be expected to be able to make mixed-media creations from recycled material.

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