We know you’re wondering what COVID will mean for your college experience this fall. We’re here to keep you safe and so we’ve put procedures in place to limit physical contact while ensuring you experience the hands-on learning we’re known for. These are the current protocols, but please be prepared to adapt to new circumstances as the pandemic situation evolves. Please read the current updated procotols below.

The most important thing to remember when entering any college building is that you need to wear your community mask whenever you are away from your designated physically-distanced work station.

Before you enter a college building, pop your mask on. Use hand sanitizer upon entering and swipe your Access Card. Your access card will be how we monitor College access for contact tracing, so it is necessary to always swipe, even if you’re entering with others.

We will no longer be required to do active screening, no temperature will be taken. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please do not come to school. (But don’t worry – we will make sure you can continue to study from home.)

All of our washrooms are either single or double occupancy, so remember to wipe down all surfaces before and after, and follow the instructions.

Follow the arrows to move through the halls where applicable. Elevators can go both ways but are limited to one occupant at a time, except for the large east-side elevator in the main building. In case of a fire or other emergency, ignore the arrows and use the nearest exit.

Now you’ve arrived at your class and you can sit at your designated physically-distanced workstation, which in most cases will have barriers in place between people. When at this workstation you will be permitted to remove your mask but be sure to keep it handy so you can put it on any time you stand up and move away from your station.

A note on mask etiquette: remember to wash your mask regularly and avoid touching it while it is on your face. Hold your mask by the ties or elastic when putting on or taking off your mask. This should be a community mask and not a medical grade mask. Get creative and consider supporting local craftspeople by buying unique handmade masks or by making your own. You’ll also receive a mask in your welcome package.

To sum up:

  • Stay home if you are sick,
  • Wear your mask when away from your workstation,
  • Use hand sanitizer upon entrance and exit,
  • Follow the signage to move through the building,
  • Use your access card to enter, even if the door is open. This will ensure proper contact tracing.

That’s it! Any staff member will be happy to help if you have any questions, and please keep an eye on your emails for any updated safety protocols throughout the year. Thank you for helping us to keep our campus, faculty and students safe.


  1. The front doors in both buildings can be used as an entrance and exit.  Masks need to be worn.
  2. Students will need to swipe their access cards even if the door is held open for them.  This gives us contact tracing information.
  3. East end elevator in the Main Building can accommodate two people, six feet apart and masked.  Other elevators can only have one person at a time and masked as well.
  4. Washrooms with multiple stalls will now be able to accommodate two people at a time for the middle stall will be locked with an out of order sign posted – masks required.   Wipes are provided in the washrooms to wipe down before and after use.
  5.  Two occupants at a time in the staff kitchen with 6 feet social distancing.
  6. As a reminder;
  • Masks are required upon entering and exiting the buildings until to you reach your destination and able to maintain social distancing as well as in common areas.
  • Masks with vents are not permitted.
  • While upon entering a multi-stalled washroom and notice both stalls are occupied, please remain outside until an individual has left the washroom.