Join us as we celebrate the Textile Studio with an exhibition entitled Shuttle-Stitch-Repeat.

A closing event will take place on November 4th, for Staff and Students at NBCCD.

Virtual content will be released for the Public on this event on this post throughout the duration of the event. Stay tuned for a Virtual Tour, an online discussion, and more.

This exhibition runs from October 8 until November 4.



In lieu of an official opening reception we are launching Shuttle Stitch Repeat, the Textiles Studio exhibition with this video teaser by George Fry Gallery intern Liam Endresen, with assistance Created Here intern Ian Humber (who created our animated NBCCD logo!)

A huge thank you to the Textiles Team, Rachel MacGillivrary, Jackie Bourque, and special thanks to Kent Jensen and

Chase Benjamin Plourde

for all your work putting this exhibition together.

And congratulations to our student artists:
Marie Isabella Basque
Tracy O’Brien
Renata Britez
Natasha Cliche
Riley Davies
Caoife Garvey
Gabby Gonzalez
Chantal Landry
Lora Lloyd
Lee McLean
Lida Milchenko
Hannah Simpson
Liza Upham
Magan Wilson.
Sincerely, Karen Ruet, George Fry Gallery Coordinator