Jeweller latest recipient of Brigitte Clavette Award

December 16, 2022 | New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

Advanced Studio Practice student Jasmine Williams is the latest recipient of the Brigitte Clavette – Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation Scholarship in Graduate Studies.

The student, who is specializing in jewellery/metal arts and is being mentored by Brigitte Clavette, said she was stunned when surprised with the news at the final ASP Guest Lecture Series last week.

“I felt accomplished and acknowledged in my work and application to the Advanced Studio Practice program. The mentorship and guidance from Brigitte she has helped me stay on track during some hard times this year.”

The Brigitte Clavette Award is granted once a year to the highest-ranking Advanced Studio Practice (ASP) student by the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation (SHMF). Williams is the 2022-2023 academic year recipient. The award was recently named after award-winning NBCCD instructor Brigitte Clavette.

Work inspired by family

Williams’ work reflects her upbringing in her close-knit and supportive family. Her upbringing, considerate of generations past and yet to come, has inspired her to create pieces of wearable art that will last for generations.

Jasmine said she likes to incorporate whimsical and mythological imagery into her work and experiments with colour and alternative materials, such as copper. Her current fascination with colour, is exercised in the process of enameling, which adheres fine-ground glass to metal surfaces. 

No matter what materials are used, Jasmine invites her viewers to connect to the stories in her work. She said she connects her Inuit heritage and finds a connection to her ancestors within her practice.

‘A pillar of personal strength’

Advanced Studio Practice Studio Head Jean Rooney said she and the ASP selection committee couldn’t think of a more worthy recipient than Jasmine Williams.

Jasmine is a dedicated student with an exceptional work ethic who has proven to be a pillar of personal strength. She is unwaveringly devoted to her studio work.

“We are delighted that the legacy of high-calibre training of New Brunswick jewellery/metal artists is again evident in our students. We are delivering a world-class education here at NBCCD in our province.”

Moving her business forward

Williams said that she will use the $2000 scholarship to help her purchase new tools for her toolbox that will enable her to continue her practice after graduation. She will also use it to buy materials to re-examine past learned techniques.
She said the Advanced Studio Practice program has helped her further her interest in various parts of her practice, such as experimenting with enameling and using the hydraulic press.
“The ASP program helped me look into the business aspect of my practice and has helped me understand what I should focus on next to help my business move forward.”
Rooney said the benefits of the award reach even further than the financial support it provides to emerging artists starting their practices.
“It delivers a message of affirmation. This award brings joy, and a sense of belonging, as it sends a message to our emerging designers that they can thrive in a sustainable, creative career in New Brunswick.”