self-care through creativity

Alone Together Residency

This 2020 residency was offered during the COVID-19 pandemic and is no longer available.


In this time of crisis, the Alone Together residency is meant to be a chance to focus your creative energy and a source of comfort. There is no application process, no mandatory check-ins, and it doesn’t cost you a thing to participate. It is completely self-directed. That said, it can be difficult to motivate oneself in the best of times, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic. We want you to make this residency into whatever you need it to be right now.  Start a new project, perfect a technique, experiment, take some time to observe, read, or research.

We will help you connect with a creative community from near and far. Let’s work through this time of uncertainty alone, but together. Join our budding community here, and sign up for updates here.

Not sure if this is right for you? Check out our FAQs.

This is a partnership between NBCCD and the NB Library of Craft & Design.

The structure of this residency was inspired by An Artist Residency in Motherhood.