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Learning Design Centre

we’re here to support you in your teaching​

The Learning Design Centre is the teaching and learning hub at NBCCD. We support instructors in cultivating a community of practice and sharing their incredible teaching. We help connect instructors with funding for professional development, curriculum projects and innovative teaching ideas. We are the go-to-place for teaching and learning support and curriculum updates. 

all things administration​Forms and policies

Do you need to know when grades are due? Are you looking for an attendance policy? Maybe you need to find the academic warning form? Not sure where to enter grades? This (and more) is all available here. 

all things teaching​teaching and learning support​

Are you trying to make your classes more inclusive and accessible? Do you need help developing a rubric? Are you looking for some ideas for teaching strategies to help your students? Do you have a student who is struggling? Are you a new instructor and feeling a bit lost? 

We have lots of resources here to help you. You can also set up a time for an individual or studio consultation with our teaching and learning support team or you can have a look at past or upcoming workshops. 

all things curriculum​curriculum and course planning support​

Are you looking to update a course, decolonize your curriculum, develop a new course, or evaluate your program? Set up a time for an individual consultation so we can support you through this process.

all things developmentprofessional development

We want to support your professional development. We would love to chat about opportunities for professional development as well as tell you about the funding we have available.