Program Reviews

Program Reviews at NBCCD are conducted on a cyclical basis every 5 years. It is a systematic, studio-driven, evidence-based, and self-reflective process with the goal of identifying program strengths and areas for improvement to enhance student learning. The program review consists of four key stages: Initiation, Self-Study Report, External Review, and Action Plan.

  • Initiation

    Studio Coordinator will have been advised by the Dean three months in advance that their program is up for review. At this stage, they will receive the Program Review and Development Manual. The Learning Design Centre team will organize a meeting to initiate the program review. This involves talking about the process, what data needs to be collected and when, and a plan for checking-in.

  • Self Study Report

    The self-study is a comprehensive examination of the program.  Led by Studio Coordinator with dedicated support from the Learning Design Centre team, the self-study examines the programs’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and provides recommendations for enhancing its overall quality. The findings of the self-study are documented in the Self-Study Report.

  • External Review

    The External Review involves seeking consultation from external experts who evaluate the program’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. The external experts review the Self-Study Report and participate in a one-day site visit. They subsequently submit an External Review Report summarizing their observations and recommendations.

  • Action Plan

    The Studio Coordinator, in collaboration with the Teaching and Learning team and the Academic Dean, will develop an action plan based on the Self-Study Report and the External Review Report. The Action Plan outlines specific steps and strategies to address identified areas for improvement and enhance the program’s overall quality.