Oakley Rain Wysote Gray's collection features an assortment of mostly white outfits on models with pieces of red to represent the blood and suffering of Indigenous peoples.
Oakley Rain Wysote Gray

Mei Eimotieg

Artist Bio

Oakley Rain Wysote Gray is from Listuguj First Nation. He identifies as two-spirited and his pronouns are He/They. Oakley is aspiring fashion designer that draws inspiration from Mi’gmaq culture and everyday injustices that Indigenous people experience. My goal is to educate as much as I can. Whether it’s through my voice or through fashion.

Not only does my debut collection highlight the stories of my ancestors, it also displays the impact of systematic racism and colonization.

Artist Statement

My collection may seem a bit brutal to some, as it is stained with blood and ink. But there’s always a meaning with every detail of my work. The blood is to honour the ancestors that have suffered blood-shed through colonization. The ink is a literal representation of what was used to shape our lives through the Indian act. Each outfit has its own story to tell, some more traumatic than others, but they need to be heard and seen.

The title of my collection is Mei Eimotieg – we are still here.

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