Fashion Week

Graduate & Alumni Collections

Lakshmi MuchallaLoxodon Collections

My debut fashion line, Loxodon Collections, will utilize contrasting asymmetrical elements, unifying shape and form. Using pleats and draping I have built forms that mimic Egyptian architectural design.

Brianna Vande BrandTruly Complete

Colour is very important to Brianna’s collection because as people we see and use colour every day. We use them to express ourselves, and to relate colour with how we feel.

Emily MaureenBurnt Toast

After years of struggling with my mental health, I strongly believe comfort is a luxury that everyone deserves, and it is my mission to help bring comfort to people through my love of fashion and textile design

Marlo HuntSpotlight

Spotlight portrays an array of internal feelings expressed through a series of garments each depicting a specific emotion relating to depression and anxiety.

Mari ForbesPink Strawbs

My Collection, Pink Strawbs, uses pastel colors and flashy designs that are inspired by Japanese street fashion. The lolita silhouette and soft colour palette stand out amongst the natural colours of the world.

Roberta MorganNight on the Town

My debut collection, Night on the Town, was inspired by the 40’s and 50’s eras, but I have added my own modern and sultry details to update the look.

Rachelle RobichaudEthereal

Rachelle’s collection draws inspiration from the unique beauty found in flowers, petals, and the atmosphere that nature and its environment encompass.

Oakley Rain Wysote Gray's collection features an assortment of mostly white outfits on models with pieces of red to represent the blood and suffering of Indigenous peoples.

Oakley Rain Wysote GrayMei Eimotieg

My collection may seem a bit brutal to some, as it is stained with blood and ink. But there’s always a meaning with every detail of my work. The blood is to honour the ancestors that have suffered blood-shed through colonization. The ink is a literal representation of what was used to shape our lives through the Indian act. Each outfit has its own story to tell, some more traumatic than others, but they need to be heard and seen.

Jillian VesseyHome Street Home

Jillian’s collection is a really playful and optimistic take on the Stay At Home lifestyle we’ve all had to adapt to in 2020. She creates colourful clothing with a sustainable focus, under the brand name, Five Petal Flower.


Echo Chen
Forbidden City
Danny Butler