Google Classroom

Google Classroom is NBCCD’s learning management system. Google Classroom allows you to streamline the process of sharing course content between you and your students.  It increases accessibility for students and also provides them with consistency in their learning experiences at NBCCD. There are lots of ways that you can use Google Classroom to enhance student learning and it can also benefit you as an instructor.  It allows you to be adaptable if you have to switch to remote teaching. It can also save you time in the long run: once you’ve uploaded your course content, you can duplicate the class each year and tweak it.

  • Best Practices in Google Classroom

    Here are some best practices for your Google Classroom(s):

    • Create an assignment and course outline folder in the Classwork tab so that students can easily find assignment descriptions, rubrics, and the course outline in one place. Some instructors prefer to embed this in their weekly topics – that is fine too!
    • Create weekly topics in the Classwork tab and upload course hand-outs and resources that will be used during that week’s lesson.
    • Provide a variety of support materials. You can supplement your lectures, course readings, and demonstrations with videos, audio files, and other resources on google classroom. Having these additional and diverse resources will help students with their learning.
    • Make important class announcements in Google Classroom. If you made an important announcement in class, consider putting up the announcement in Google Classroom (Stream tab) so that students have a visual reminder.
    • Provide alternate ways to critique work. Maybe every few weeks create a slidedeck on Google Classroom so students can upload a photo of their work to the slidedeck and give students the opportunity to critique the work in written form.
  • How to Use Google Classroom

    If you are new to using google classroom or want to learn how to use it more effectively in your classroom, have a look below at the ways that you can do so:

    1. Chat with us – Set up an individual consultation with us so we can help you set up your Google Classroom and help to troubleshoot any issues you have encountered.
    2. Read about itGoogle Classroom Support goes through step-by-step instructions on how to manage classes, assignments, and grades; how to add materials to your assignments; give feedback; and post announcements.
    3. Watch a video – For those that prefer watching videos on how to do these things, have a look at this Introductory Video.
    4. Chat with a colleague who uses Google Classroom and find out how they use it in their teaching. We can also direct you to some NBCCD Google Classroom champions who would be happy to show you ways that Google Classroom can be used in your teaching.