NBCCD Student Association

PresidentStephanie Sirois (they/them)

Hi! My name is Stephanie Sirois, and I'm a first-year Jewellery/Metal Arts student. I graduated from the Foundation Visual Arts program last year after working for several years as a journalist.

This year, I'm hoping to spearhead the re-establishment of a peer mentoring program. I also want to assist in making diversity and inclusion training more accessible across campus and addressing both food and financial insecurity concerns for students.

When I’m not in the metals studio, or at my tutoring job, I can normally be found with my nose in a book, coffee in hand. I spend the rest of my time writing, laying prone in an attempt to rest, or exhorting my kids and partner to play board games with me.

Do you have any questions or want to get my advice on something? I’m addicted to my phone so you can email me at

A portrait photo of NBCCD tour ambassador Sophie Brander

Vice-presidentSophie Brander (she/they)

Hello! My name is Sophie. I'm a Fashion Design student and I will be the Vice-President of NBCCD’s Student Association for the year!

My role as VP means I can take change whenever our president, Oliver is absent, and am responsible for helping to run meetings and organize events! In my term with the SA, I hope to be a helpful hand to my friends and classmates and encourage even more school spirit here at NBCCD, and continue the tradition of the Winter Formal. I’m grateful for the awesome community I’ve found at the school and hope that this new term of executives can keep that great energy and network of creativity that the school works so hard to foster.

In my free time I do theatre with St Thomas University and Black Box Productions and I also really like comic books. If ever you need to reach me specifically, my student email is, or you can find me most days in the first-year fashion studio or the student association office in the basement!

A portrait photo of New Brunswick College of Craft and Design student, Mariel Reyes Guevara.

Treasurer/SecretaryMariel Reyes Guevara (she/her)

Mariel Reyes Guevara is currently a Graphic Design student at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. She is looking forward to being NBCCDSA's treasurer/secretary for the 2023-24 season and cannot wait to make this a year to remember. Graphic design has always been of interest to Mariel. Currently, she is the Graphic Design Chair of the 2023 Girls Stem Up Conference and she looks forward to continuing her education in the field. When it comes to expressing herself artistically she enjoys sewing, drawing, printmaking, and crocheting. In her free time she can be found hanging out with friends, on the soccer pitch, collecting CDs, and growing her art supply collection.

A portrait photo of Oliver Owen, New Brunswick College of Craft and Design student.

Director of CommunicationsOliver Owen (he/they)

Oliver is currently a Graphic Design student at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and director of communications of the Student Association.

They attended Saint Thomas University where he studied sociology and gender studies. He then helped establish the Queer Youth Drop-In Centre at Monarch in downtown Fredericton. Oliver comes from a supportive family and NBCCD alumni, who raised him around fibre arts his whole life.

You can find Oliver any morning at Starbucks or The Tipsy Muse Cafe, working on personal sketches or reading a book! Oliver's hyper-fixations constantly change, but this year it was definitely David Bowie.

Contact him by email at for comments, suggestions, or queries.

Outreach Coordinator Siobhan Armstrong (they/she)

Hey everyone! My name is Siobhan (Sha-von) Armstrong and I am this year’s Outreach Coordinator! I am a first-year Textile Design student, and Foundation Visual Arts graduate from Prince Edward Island. As your Outreach Coordinator it is my priority that everyone at NBCCD feels safe, heard, and accepted. If you have any concerns or questions about the Student Association, I’m your person!
There’s nothing I love more than meeting new people, seeing new places, and taking in new forms of art and creativity. I especially love working with my hands wether that be knitting, sewing, or sculpting. If you would like to contact me you can do so through my school email ( or request to speak to me through the Student Association's Instagram page (@sa_nbccd). Can’t wait for an amazing year!